Ferris Wheel with Passengers on It Loses Large Metal Beam Mid-Ride During Texas Holiday Event

A frightening scene was captured on video at a Texas holiday event after a metal beam from a ferris wheel came clattering down onto the pavement below.

No one was injured in the Saturday incident at Magical Winter Lights in La Marque, though that didn’t stop spooked carnival-goers from letting out a series of screams.

“We saw people screaming, and then the big metal piece, it just fell,” Juan Carlos Orlade, who filmed a viral video of the incident, told KTRK.

In the clip, the metal beam crashes to the ground, miraculously avoiding the many people below.

Orlade’s Twitter caption likened the scene to Final Destination, a horror movie series in which various characters have premonitions warning them of mass-casualty incidents. The franchise’s third film features a roller coaster derailment.

A Magical Winter Lights spokesperson told KTRK that no one on the ground or on the ride was injured, and that the Ferris wheel was immediately suspended once all of the riders were safely removed.

“Carnival organizers discovered it was an aluminum support beam that broke, which is not vital to the structure of the ride and therefore didn’t put any riders in danger,” the spokesperson said.

Repairs were reportedly minor, and after everything was successfully inspected, the Ferris wheel was back in operation by Sunday.

A spokesperson for Magical Winter Lights did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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