Five Christmas 2019 toys you’ll want to nick off the kids this year

Have you ever sneaked downstairs on Boxing Day morning, the chaotic joy of Christmas day behind you, and found yourself filled with a profound sense of jealousy?

Kids nowadays have the world at their feet and the kinds of toys we could scarcely dream up at their age, so it's natural to feel our Christmas presents were a tad under whelming by comparison.

Sure we had Tiny Tears, Cabbage Patch Dolls , Stretch Armstrong, and the ever infuriating Bop It, but have you ever seen the toys of the day and thought "God I'd love to have a go".

Well luckily we've crash tested five top toys that will not only thrill the little ones, but put a smile on your exhausted face too.

Cubby the Curious Bear, £69.99

A crowd-surfing Cubby was the break out star of the Argos Christmas advert this year, and with his especially cuddly features it's no surprise why.

If you love the look on your child's face unwrapping presents, even the packaging lets the cuddly bear play a game of peekaboo.

Research by the University of Sheffield Robotics Research institute shows that robots like Cubby and advanced robotic toys like 'PARO the robotic seal' can help us cope with loneliness and stress.

And given it's winter, and like us you've probably had the frustration of buying the wrong batteries for said bear (it takes big old C alkaline ones), you at least deserve a hold.

Just sitting with Cubby you can't help but smile as his little eyes, ears and nose move, and you can feed him from a rather adorable honeycomb dispenser.

If you love a a classic teddy bear but don't mind a bit of tech, Cubby really will be one for both you and the kids to enjoy.

Or just you, because you're never too old to enjoy toys.

Get it from Amazon for £69.99

D-O Interactive Droid, £140

Dubbed to be one of the Top 12 toys of Christmas 2019, the D-O interactive droid comes at the launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, making it pretty coveted indeed.

Like the hugely popular BB8 Droid toy, D-O uses a smartphone app to get about, as he unicycles through your home getting stuck in Alderon places.

Hasbro's droid interacts with you, makes noises and is bluetooth enabled, but it's the little details from lighting to a removable antenna function that really set it apart from the crowd.

Whilst he might not always have the best balance (something the app does help with), once he gets going he's the ultimate Star Wars fan toy, and he's just so realistic. He even has sand scratches on him.

The smartphone controls might mean that you install the app rather than the kids, and it's a great excuse to steer the toy when they aren't around really.

Get it here from Amazon for £140

Monopoly Voice Banking, £22.49

So Monopoly is a Christmas staple, and we were delighted to see them bring out a Cheaters edition last year, but I'm telling you Voice Banking is about to change the game.

It's a little bit like someone has decided to stick an Echo Dot in the middle of a monopoly board.

The voice responsive top hat basically takes the place of that one person in your family who actually read the instructions, which takes the faff out somewhat.

With Mr Monopoly himself telling you what to do, and how to play, it actually makes the game go a hell of a lot smoother, but you can still cheat your way through if you want to get your kicks.

One of the nice things about this for the children and the adults is you feel like you all have to put the phones down, and talk, and laugh.

Get it from Amazon here for £22.49

Marvel Legends Series Avengers Endgame Power Gauntlett, £87.99

Okay so this is one of those toys that Santa says he's bringing for the kids, but really you just want for you.

The End Game Power Gauntlett is nothing short of massive, and with it's fully interactive lights, sounds and articulated fingers it's more of a movie prop than a toy at times.

But it is definitely one of those 'Hulk Hand' products that is probably more fun for grown ups to goof around with than kids, but for Marvel loving youngsters this is also a serious win.

In terms of size, it's a quite large toy, and it's worth baring in mind that it's fairly heavy and might be one to put a smile on the face of an older child.

Get it on Amazon here for £87.99

Moving lips Mr Potato Head, £20, Argos


Thanks to movies like Toy Story, Mr Potato Head has managed to bridge a generational gap,  and provide littleuns the world over with hours of fun.

But if you still think he needs a bit of a glow up, moving lips Mr. Potato head has 2 sets of lips that simply cling on and then wiggle about all over his face.

He can also sing over forty songs, and say those classic grouchy phrases you'd expect.

If you're a parent and you want to get involved more with playtime, this is a really sweet toy, particularly for school starters, that could help encourage your child to share (even if you haven't quite mastered it).

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