Foodie boasts about home-cooked steak but is trolled as people say its raw

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Everyone has their preference on how they like to eat steak.

Some people opt for their meat to be well done, while others prefer it to be on the more medium rare side.

However, one foodie has come under fire for their rather raw looking piece of steak.

Originally taking to Facebook, the foodie snapped a picture of their questionable dinner that included a side of mash and veggies.

The steak appeared an unappetising grey shade on the outside – but was red raw on the inside.

The foodie titled their post: “Not bad for someone who don't cook steak often. Porterhouse is a little over medium rare but pink through all the way.”

The budding chef excused the appearance of the steak dinner – and blamed the lighting.

They admitted: “Poor lighting makes it hard to see properly.”

Having spotted the steak on Facebook, one person posted the controversial dinner onto Reddit.

Brutally, the Redditor titled the post: “Thanks, I hate your steak.”

Disgusted by the dish, people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the foodies technique.

One person joked: “Mmmm cooked in the winter sun.”

Another person added: “It looks like they f***ing microwaved it.”

A third person expressed: “Everybody’s p***** they boiled the steak but can we talk about the sides. Half a raw tomato, a raw mushroom, half of a raw red onion!?! and some gross looking spinach!?! At least there’s mashed potatoes."

Someone else asked: “Did they BOIL it?????”

Meanwhile, a fifth user simply said: “This steak makes me sad".

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