Fox Nation Set To Probe Girl Scout Murders Following Aftermath of Hulu Documentary

Fox Nation is reopening the 1977 case of three young Girl Scouts who were murdered during a camping trip outside Tulsa, OK, just months after Hulu examined it in a documentary miniseries.

Fox Nation’s “Girl Scout Murders” will examine new revelations about the case that have recently surfaced due to Faith Phillips, an author who has written a book about the crime. In June of 1977, the bodies of three young girls, Lori Lee Farmer, 8; Michelle Guse, 9; and Doris Denise Milner, 10, of Tulsa, were discovered after they had been abducted from their tent during the night. Two different men have been identified as the potential killer over the years, but one was acquitted and the other was never found guilty by trial

Hulu examined the case in “Keeper of the Ashes,” a four-part docuseries that debuted in May, hosted by Kristin Chenoweth. The Fox Nation series will nod to the previous effort, in which a law-enforcement official suggests the case is nearly closed.

The Fox Nation series was produced in collaboration with Texas Crew, a production company. “Girl Scout Murders” debuts Monday , October 10 on Fox Nation. Phillips’ efforts to chronicle the case, and get evidence she believes is relevant to be considered by authorities, will play a role in the Fox Nation series’ storyline.

The subscription-based streaming service has increasingly focused on lifestyle programming, true crime serials and documentaries and new projects from celebrities who ran afoul of public opinion.

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