‘Friends’ furniture collection is coming to Pottery Barn

This forthcoming Pottery Barn collection may have you screaming, “I’ll buy there for you!”

Believe it: In late July, the store will release a line of home goods inspired by the classic ’90s sitcom “Friends.”

The 14 pieces in the collection will include textiles, furniture and decorative accessories, according to PopSugar, which adds prices will range from $13 to $1,099.

As for the items, fans of the show can have their pick of a Central Perk mug, another mug that quotes “I’ll be there for you” from its theme song, and a throw pillow that reads “Welcome Friends” — the latter word printed with the show’s still-recognizable logo.

The most tongue-in-cheek offering: an apothecary table made famous in a 2000 episode called “The One with the Apothecary Table,” People notes.

The plot revolves around Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) ordering the furnishing from — you guessed it — a Pottery Barn catalog. When Monica (Courteney Cox) informs Rachel that Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) hates Pottery Barn, she tries passing it off as a score from a flea market.

The “Friends” line will debut in plenty of time for fans to host viewing parties in honor of the 25th anniversary of the show’s premiere on Sept. 22, 1994. But if you plan on a revisiting the enduring sitcom with a Netflix marathon, you better hurry — it’s leaving the streaming network in January.

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