Full Snow Moon horoscope: How the biggest Moon of the year affect YOU and your zodiac

In 2020 there are due to be 13 Full Moons, two Supermoons and a blue moon. With all this celestial activity, there is a lot for stargazers to be excited about. But what is the February Snow Moon and how is it likely to affect you?

What is the Snow Moon and when can you see it?

Traditionally the Full Moon in February is called the Snow Moon due to the typically heavy snowfall during the month.

February’s Full Moon also goes by the names of the Hunger Moon, the Bone Moon and the Storm Moon.

The best time to see the Snow Moon will be the night of Saturday, February 8 or early on Sunday, February 9 depending on your location.


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The Moon will appear full for about three days centred around this time, from Friday evening to Monday morning, making this a Full Moon weekend.

The UK is predicted to see the full Snow Moon on Sunday around 7.33am.

This Snow Moon will be the largest and fourth brightest Full Moon of 2020.

You can find more information about the exact time the Snow Moon is expected to be at its highest peak in your area here.

How will February’s Full Moon affect you?

The Full Moon for February will occur on February 9, in the sign of Leo.

As the Full Moon takes 29.5 days to move to the next Full Moon, it spends approximately two and a half days in a sign.

The day before and the day after comprising are what would be the peak times of the Full Moon energy.

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As February’s Full Moon takes place in the third Decan of Leo, it makes it a Leo or Sagittarius Full Moon by modern Decan.

This means the planetary influences involve the Sun as the ruler for Leo and Jupiter as the ruler for Sagittarius.

Thus, this Full Moon will be about how you express your creativity and playfulness, even in the limits of the winter period.

Therefore, it is a good time of the year to exhibit any creative works you might be waiting for display and share.

The Snow Moon also energises you to feel in touch with your sense of humour and your desire to stand out and perform, even if you are naturally introverted.

Given the energy occurring is so deep, at 20 degrees into Leo, you will want to connect with your inner child and let him or her out to play, to help you laugh and dance.

February’s Moon can be an ideal Full Moon to break out the board games, enjoy a sport with friends, go on a fun date with someone new or the love of your life.

Essentially, February’s Snow Moon gives you full licence to enjoy a full sense of freedom and indulge in your hedonistic impulses, in a bid to try to let go of your day-to-day stresses.

According to astrologers, February’s Full Moon’s has the potential to emotionally elevate you.

With the Decan involving Sagittarius, it can be a good Full Moon to travel, especially if you choose a warm, inviting, and playful destination.

If you reside in a cold part of the world, with shorter days, this Snow Moon is a good opportunity to do something to connect with and express positive energy.

For instance, it is an opportune time to throw a party, buy yourself an indulgent gift, or do something playful with someone young or young at heart.

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