Haley's Breast Started Leaking After a Bad Boob Job in "OMFG" Botched Preview

Dr. Terry Dubrow can't believe what he's hearing.

In this clip from Monday, Aug. 31's episode of Botched, Dr. Dubrow and his co-star Dr. Paul Nassif sit down with aspiring Dolly Parton look-alike Haley. During her consultation with the doctors, Haley opens up about her plastic surgery journey and how she ended up with less than desirable results.

After first getting 650 CC implants, Haley reveals that she upgraded to 1,200 CC implants three months later. Unfortunately, several months following this upgrade, Haley says she noticed "a scab or something" under her left breast.

"I went to a doctor and, I mean, he looked at it and instantly he was like, 'That's not a scab, that's your implant,'" Haley tells the plastic surgeons. "He said, 'There's a possibility I'm gonna have to take both your implants out. You're gonna have to stay without implants for three to six months and you're gonna have to recover.'"

While doctors Dubrow and Nassif initially applaud Haley's surgeon, they are shocked once Haley reveals she convinced her surgeon to put in a new implant during her emergency surgery.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Go back for a second," a shocked Dr. Dubrow remarks. "Took the contaminated implant out, put a brand new one in, blew it up to the same volume as it was originally? 1,200 CCs?"

Haley responds, "Same volume."

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As Haley continues, she recalls waking up to liquid coming out of one of her incisions.

"Liquid coming out of an incision in the breast area, it almost always means that there's a leak from a seroma, which is inflammatory fluid, and the wound is falling apart," Dr. Dubrow shares in a confessional. "A total disaster."

In response to this condition, Haley's surgeon at the time put her on anti-biotics and took out the implant—only to, once again, replace it.

"Are you kidding me?" Dr. Dubrow exclaims. "O-M-F-F-F-G! That is just insane. Wow, you're lucky to be alive."

Dr. Dubrow goes on to warn Haley that the clearly resistant bacteria could've grown into an "untreatable breast infection."

He adds, "That's how flesh-eating disease happens."

When the doctors learn that all of this took place seven weeks before the consultation, Dr. Dubrow notes: "I wouldn't be surprised if the thing falls out while you're sitting here."

A terrified Haley retorts, "Don't say that!"

Watch the Botched consultation in the clip above!

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