'Haunted' Mansion In The South Sends TikTok Into Meltdown

“Does anyone else want to know if those are blood stains in the stairs?”

A video of an abandoned southern mansion has TikTok users in a tizzy.

On Monday, the account abandonednashville shared a clip of the stately yellow home, which appears to have fallen in disrepair over the years.

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While the exterior shot features a massive front entrance complete with four towering columns, the interior views show off the grand staircase, stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers and several fireplaces.

“It always makes me sad when I see gorgeous places like this abandoned and left to rot,” read one comment, as another enthusiastically shared, “Someone dress up like its 1920-1940 and live there with me.”

But it was the strewn garbage, broken floors, a hot mess of a bedroom and questionable stains on the carpeting that had social media followers wondering if something paranormal was happening in the house.

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“It’s probably haunted,” guessed one TikToker, as another shared, “American Horror Story would film here in a heartbeat.”

“Does anyone else want to know if those are blood stains in the stairs?” a curious fan chimed in. “Has it not sold because it is haunted? I’m obsessed now.”

Check out the video above!

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