HELEN JOYCE: The lie that man can be women

The lie that men can be women leads to rapists being put in female prisons and male athletes stealing our prizes, writes gender critical author HELEN JOYCE

Imagine coming home to find a cake on your kitchen table, iced in pink with a slice cut to show the blue sponge inside. With it is a letter from your teenager, saying: ‘Mum and dad, I know you thought you had a daughter, but I now understand that I’m really a boy.’

The pink-outside, blue-inside cake is just one of the scripts for coming out as trans to your parents shared in online forums. These portray parents who don’t immediately adopt the child’s new identity as ‘transphobic’. Children are advised to bring them into line by complaining to schools and social services.

In any other context – an anorexic threatening suicide if her parents refuse to let her starve, say – this would be recognised as emotional blackmail. But the idea that you can be ‘born in the wrong body’ – that everyone has a ‘gender identity’ which sometimes doesn’t match their sex – is now widely presented as fact. And LGBT charities like Stonewall and Mermaids claim that trans-identified children are likely to attempt suicide unless their identity claims are accepted, using catchphrases like ‘better a live son than a dead daughter’.

Some parents have bought into this, and seem to enjoy the social status bestowed by a trans-identified child. But most parents who ‘socially transition’ their child – using a new name and pronouns, and pretending that the child’s sex has changed – do so because they believe the trans lobby’s distorted narrative, and are terrified of losing their child.

Helen Joyce, a gender-critical author, has hit out over transgender issues, which sees some trans youngsters using cakes that are pink-outside but blue-inside cake for coming out as trans to their parents

Transgender double rapist Isla Bryson was sent to Cornton Vale – Scotland’s only all-female facility – to be held in segregation to await sentencing. The move sparked a furious outcry earlier this year

 Undated handout file photo issued by Police Scotland of Isla Bryson, formerly known as Adam Graham

In fact, data from the NHS shows that trans-identified youngsters are not at greater risk of suicide when compared with other young people referred to mental health services. And there is mounting evidence that social transition is a terrible idea, because it locks in what may otherwise be a passing phase. It reinforces a child’s dissociation from their sex. And it increases the likelihood of progressing to irreversible medical interventions such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and genital surgery, which cause cognitive impairment, brittle bones, sexual dysfunction and sterility.

As the word ‘social’ suggests, social transition isn’t something you can do alone. When parents go along with a child’s fantasy of being the opposite sex – or in the case of ‘non-binary’ identities, of not having a sex – they are making an implicit promise to the child that everyone else will play along.

Helen Joyce (pictured) has hit out ‘at the lie that men can be women leads to rapists being put in female prisons and male athletes stealing our prizes’

Not everyone will. Some people believe, in the words of the Bible, that God created two immutable sexes and think that it is sinful to pretend otherwise. Others, like me, have secular concerns. Unless you accept that women are female, men are male and nobody’s sex can change, it is impossible to guarantee women privacy, safety and dignity in single-sex spaces, or fair competition in sport for female athletes.

All this is blindingly obvious, and until recently wouldn’t have needed saying. But the boom in child transition means it increasingly comes across as criticism of some people’s parenting choices. Simply telling the truth about the two sexes implies that they may have catastrophically and irreversibly harmed their children.

Since that is too horrible to contemplate, some such parents respond by becoming radical trans activists. They demand that gender theory is taught in classrooms, and imposed in workplace policies permitting everyone to use the toilets that match their ‘gender identity’. And they vilify anyone who presents the facts about childhood gender transition. It’s a classic case of shooting the messenger.

Transgender Lexi-Rose Crawford (pictured), who identifies as a woman, was sent to a male prison after being convicted of attacking a friend. 

But we cannot simply give up and go away. We don’t talk about these harms for fun, or because we’re hateful. We do it because it’s important for everyone’s rights. The lie that men can really be women, and women men, leads to rapists being put in women’s prisons, male athletes stealing prizes and victories that should have gone to women – and above all, the medical scandal unfolding in child gender clinics.

It’s been really difficult to get the word out. The BBC, Guardian and other left-leaning outlets mostly don’t cover this story, and when they do, they misrepresent us as bigots. Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, we were frequently banned for ‘misgendering’ – referring accurately to trans-identified people’s sex.

If we hadn’t been silenced, I wonder would so many parents have told their children that everyone else could be coerced into a pretence that damages their rights, and ultimately damages the child, too. The terrible pity for those who have already gone down this path is that there’s no way back.

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