Holiday entitlement calculator: How much holiday do YOU accrue per month?

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In the UK, we are very lucky to have paid holidays enforced by our Government. Other economies such as the US do not have this privilege. Here, annual leave is accrued as soon as you start working. Here’s how to find out how much holiday YOU accrue per month.

If you have recently started a new job and want to go away, you may not have accrued enough holiday to do so for more than a few days. explains: “Workers are entitled to a week’s pay for each week of statutory leave that they take.

“Most workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks’ paid holiday a year. 

“A week’s pay is worked out according to the kind of hours someone works and how they’re paid for the hours.”

So how do you figure out how much holiday you have accrued so far?

One way to do this is to use the Government’s Holiday Entitlement Calculator. explains exactly how to use it.

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You can use the calculator to calculate holiday entitlement for either a full leave year, or part of a leave year if you started your job part way through the year.

Click the green start button, and start answering the questions.

It might be handy to have your work rota nearby so you can refer to it.

You’ll also need to answer a question about your contract, so have that at hand if you aren’t sure.

The first question asks you about your contact.

It asks if your holiday entitlement is based on days worked per week, hours worked per week, casual or irregular hours including zero hours contracts, annualised hours, compressed hours, or shifts.

The calculator then asks what you want to work out.

For example, do you want to work your holiday for a full leave year, or just for someone starting part way through a leave year?

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If you want to work out your holiday entitlement for a full year, the calculator will let you know that it is 5.6 weeks holiday (normally).

If you want to know for someone starting part way through a leave year, you will be asked to write down your employment start date.

For someone leaving partway through a leave year, you’ll write your employment end date.

You’ll be asked when the leave year starts, and this will normally be in the employment contract. Then, you’ll be given your answer.

How much holiday do YOU accrue per month?

To work out how much holiday you accrue per month, you need to do one simple sum.

Note down how many days you have worked, including bank holidays.

Divide this number by 12, and you’ll be left with a number.

This number represents the number of days holiday you are entitled to per month.

So if you worked 28 days a month, divide this by 12 and you’re left with 2.33.

That’s 2.33 days a month for the number of months left in the year if you’re a new starter.

Or, it’s 2.33 days for the number of months already gone in the year for someone who has left.

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