Home Bargains is selling CHRISTMAS Haribo Starmix – and flavours include eggnog and apple strudel

HARIBO has had a festive makeover and their seasonal sweets taste of Christmas desserts, including eggnog and apple strudel.

The new Christmas selection of Starmix features the same sweets found in the traditional bag but with different flavours.

This means you’ll still find gummy eggs, teddy bears, bottles, hearts and rings.

But instead of fruity flavours, there’s ones that taste of gingerbread, cherry crumble, cherry trifle and apple strudel with custard.

The standard bags of Starmix contain cola bottles and a mixture of strawberry, raspberry, lemon, orange and pineapple chewies.

The Christmas Starmix is available to buy now in Home Bargains for 89p for a 190g bag.

This is the same price and size of the regular Starmix sold in most UK supermarkets.

We couldn't find the Christmas flavours available to buy online so you'll need to visit your closest Home Bargains.

Home Bargains has 500 branches in the UK and you can find your closest one by clicking here.

The discounter is also selling 700g tubs of Haribo for £3.99 but you actually get more sweets for your money by buying individual bags.

You get 760g of Starmix for £3.56 – 43p less than what the tubs cost.

The Sun has asked Haribo and Home Bargains if the Christmas Starmix is being sold nationwide and if you can find them in other stores.

We've also asked them to confirm the calorie count and sugar content.

The normal Starmix contains 342 calories and 47g of sugar per 100g.

In previous years, Haribo has released new shapes of their gummies for Christmas with sweets that look like bells and snowmen.

Their entire festive range has yet to be released so we'll be keeping an eye out for new additions.

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