Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for December 16

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Listen to your heart even if this means going against the advice of an older colleague or relative. A strained relationship would be better than making choices that are not for your highest good. As it is, someone who is trying to push their ideas onto others, will mellow in time.


Temptation is all around you. There is something you really want and it is very hard to resist. You might be tempted to break a diet or to skip your usual workout routine. If you are working, you could be tempted to take a day off.


Even if you know a shy friend is likely to turn down an invitation to a party, invite them anyway. They will appreciate knowing that at least you were thinking of them rather than not getting any invite at all. Besides, they might surprise you and accept the offer.


You might regret deciding to have a clear out when you realise the amount of junk that suddenly seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Now that you have started, stick to your intention of scrapping it all or it will no doubt find its way back to wherever it came from.


A challenge will bring out your best and give you a huge sense of achievement. If you want to improve your skills or knowledge, enrol in a class or on an on-line course. Much to your surprise, you could discover you have skills that come naturally to you.


Official business will be dealt with sooner than expected. You might get the impression someone is in a hurry and is wanting to enjoy some festive arrangements. If they want to get things over with as soon as possible, you will not stand in their way.


On talking to others who were a part of your past you could find your memories are very different to their version of events. This could cause you some confusion as you wonder which one of you is closer to the truth. Memories can be deceptive.


A career change could improve your financial security. If your job seems to have ended up in a dead-end street, make a few enquiries about other types of career. When a new job opportunity comes your way, be ready to take action. You will easily adapt to changing circumstances.


You will be offered another chance to take part in a venture you turned down in the past. If you regretted this, now is your time to strike while the iron is hot. Because next time it cools you aren’t likely to get this opportunity again.


As difficult as it might be for you, do your best to show a flexible face to the world. Your biggest inclination will be to stick with plans loosely mapped out as the week begins. It might be more worth your while to consider new ideas.


You will admit to feeling sensitive and vulnerable to yourself, but you won’t let other people know this. Sensitivity could cause problems in the family when you might feel your decisions and actions are being criticised. This will not be so and the least said, the soonest it will be mended.


Don’t get too frustrated or annoyed with disturbances that threaten to knock your concentration. It could turn out that information gained through gossip or informal chats will come in very useful. You can catch up on other matters later in the day.

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