Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Thursday, May 25


Slow down and make a thorough job of anything connected with your family and working life. Don’t just agree to something without taking time to think about it and resist any urge to take short cuts. The more time you put into developing a project the more successful the results are likely to be.


Money matters will demand a lot of your attention. If there is one delay after another regarding money that is owed to you, it might be time to consider taking legal action. Once you let other parties know what you are planning they may suddenly agree to settle out of court.


A job offer or the results of a recent test or interview will give you something to be pleased about. At last your life is starting to take a turn for the better. As well as this feeling like a dream come true, you will have the opportunity to pursue the career you have always desired.


A team effort isn’t going well. People aren’t cooperating with each other and you are tempted to walk away. You’re not the one who is arguing all of the time but those who are will be upsetting others who just want to get on with the job.


Persevere when things get tough. Are you going to allow a few stumbling blocks to force you to give up on your dreams? If succeeding is important to you, be prepared to put in the time and the effort. Hard work will bring its just rewards and will impress those who matter.


Your analytical approach to jobs will lead to some great accomplishments. Ignore anyone who gets impatient waiting for you to check every detail before taking the next step forward. You can be sure by the end of this job that it has been carried out thoroughly.


People who are gossiping have no idea of the circumstances or situations someone is struggling with. Whether it is a neighbour or a workmate, you will not join in with those who are spreading rumours. You will prefer to keep your head down and refuse to participate in office gossip.


You won’t stop working until you get the outcome you desire. If you can’t trust other members of your team to be as careful as you then you will prefer to work alone. If they can’t take the trouble to do things properly they are wasting your valuable time.


You should have realised, over the past few days, that it isn’t wise to listen to the gossips. A lot of what you hear will have been grossly exaggerated. Be careful about revealing your feelings about friends, religion and money. Your response will yet more food for the gossips.


Your boss and others in high places are relying on you to find solutions to some complex problems. Having to put in longer hours will interfere with family and friendship arrangements. It’s nigh on impossible to achieve a balance between work and play.


A strange situation will leave you feeling bemused and confused. Keep asking those who should be in the know, what is going on. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Once explanations have been given, you will feel more certain about your own position.


Group and community activities will inspire you to want to branch out in new directions. Connecting with a prominent person will lead to you taking an unexpected and rewarding trip. You will have the time of your life when visiting unfamiliar places or taking part in a big celebration.

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