Hot electrician makes dusty uniform sexy as fans joke they need work done

'Hot' electrician Isabell McGuire inspired lads to join the trade after posing in her "dusty" work uniform.

The beauty, from Manchester, certainly turned heads as she put her skills to work.

Not only is the blonde good with her hands but Isabell can make sparks fly – quite literally.

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Previously, Isabell received a barrage of marriage proposals for dancing in a black crop top and work trousers.

And since the original clip went viral on TikTok, the sparky is giving her 164,000 followers a look at another worksite outfit.

She wore a pink crop top with her work trousers, which showcased her gorgeous figure.

Isabell glammed up the get-up with a silver necklace and some petite earrings.

The stunner crouched down in front of the camera and pouted, posing along to the song 'Pass Out' by Tinie Tempah.

Well, makes a change to builders' bum cracks!

In awe at the 'hot' electrician, many lads fled to the comments to swoon over Isabell.

Some said she'd inspired them to follow her line of work.

One lad shared: "Might become an electrician now."

Another gasped: "I need a co-worker like you."

While a third lad quipped: "I need work done in my house."

Someone else declared: "Absolutely stunning."

Meanwhile, a fifth swooned: "I need a sparky like this."

The sparky has also influenced girls to take up electrician careers.

One woman said: "I was too scared to be a sparky but this makes me wanna do it now."

A second wrote: "This is gunna be me when I'm older."

This user praised: "I love to see women slaying the man trade, you keep going!! Be proud!"

As a fourth admitted: "She’s living ma dream."


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