How A Psychologist Ran A Multi-Billion Dollar 3D Printing Business

Less than six months after Marie Langer was appointed CEO of the EOS GmbH Group, as the pandemic took focus from the world and lives were turned upside down. That didn’t stop the 34-year-old psychologist from taking charge and watching the billion-dollar empire continue to grow and succeed.

Langer succeeded her father, Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder of EOS, the world’s leading supplier of industrial 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

The German scientist began EOS in 1989, when Marie was just a toddler, so she was able to watch as her father took 3D printing technology to a whole new level. As a college graduate, Langer later served as a leader in the company’s social venture program, corporate development and the set-up for AM Global, additive manufacturing of large industrial applications.

As a woman, a CEO and an expert in business management and 3D technology, Langer has been given opportunities, larger than perhaps she imagined.

Diversity For Companies, Diversity For Everyone

In the last 18 months, Langer has received Germany’s attention as Capital magazine named her a ‘Young Elite – Top 40 under 40’ and made headline news for offering new plastic and metal systems for industrial sectors.

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She’s repeatedly asked her opinion about gender equality and doesn’t hesitate to share her thoughts on the matter.

“Diversity is a great benefit for us as a company, but also for everyone,” Langer told Women in 3D Printing.

The more diversity in culture, mentality and points of view, the richer the results when the product is completed. Langer believes working together can solve the big issues.

She believes diversity, understanding, and inclusion isn’t something discussed once, but rather, a mindset or change needed to establish a permanent appreciation to what all gender, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds bring to the table.

Marie said she believes women should be ready to accept challenges and take responsibility for upper management positions, particularly in tech fields. As the changes are taking place, equal pay should follow.

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She’s willing to lead the way as the company reaches for unprecedented developments in worldwide industries.

Three Dimensional Goals

EOS manufacturers machines and products used by aerospace, medical, automotive and jewelry industries according to 3D Natives but they’re not stopping there.

Langer told EOS her goals included digitization, industrialization, sustainability and corporate culture. She’s also interested in offering customers more competitive yet better solutions for their future endeavors.

“Challenges have always created a sense of action for me. The last months have been extremely exciting, giving me a high level of positive energy,” Langer said.

She’s planning to enhance the company’s technology and provide services to better support customers. As a pioneer company in the 3D technology role, Langer wants employees to feel empowered and willing to experiment with product development to keep up with needs of the industry.

Additive manufacturing technology, Langer says, is groundbreaking and can improve lives.

For example, Paralympic cyclist Denise Schindler has been wearing a prosthesis since she was a toddler. Manufacturing her prosthesis additively ensures Schindler continues to have mobility that can withstand not only everyday life, but also the high demand needed in the sports world.

It’s not just prosthesis though. EOS is pioneering more lightweight tools for the aerospace industry and automotive industry. Additive manufacturing is now being used in fashion, dentistry and healthcare. Every industry from entertainment to construction has found a use for 3D printing and it’s cutting costs, easing the manufacturing flow and making each industry thrive.

Langer said the three main factors EOS is focused on includes quality, repeatability, and cost. Not only do industries need parts that are efficient but also profitable.

The New Normal

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The future of 3D printing includes the need for those in high technology areas. Langer is looking for employees that understand the impact EOS has on the economy, environment and society. Current employees are solution-oriented, creative and curious, according to Fabbaloo.

As the new CEO with a new purpose, Marie Langer is ready to lead the world into a “new normal” with a goal of knowledgeable and passionate employees hoping to move technology forward for years to come.

Being able to think outside of the box is what Langer says got her to the position she holds today.

“I love to work with people who are passionate, see the big picture, are authentic and self-reflective and want to keep growing and learning,” Langer said.

Standing up for women, technology and humane treatment are all things Langer hopes to bring as CEO of EOS. When asked who inspires her to be a leader, the list is varying; Satya Nadella, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank and Greta Thunberg to name a few. Each one standing up for what they believe in, during a time not everyone was ready.

The best part of Langer’s job today is the endless possibilities. As additive manufacturing continues to grow and develop, filling voids in numerous industries, Langer hopes to be at the top of her game, competing and remaining a leader in industry needs regarding supply, cost and technological advancements.

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