How Humor Is Saving Our Skin

Am I the only person who wants James Corden in my bathroom? OK, yes, weird, but seriously! Have you seen the videos where he’s talking to Chloe Moretz in her bathroom? If you haven’t, then you need to YouTube “Bare Skin Chat!” (That also sounds weird.) These videos have tens of millions of views!

How is Japan’s leading global skin-care brand, SK-II, striking such a nerve with its audience? Because they’re making skin care simple and FUN. Everyday, girls are in their bathrooms looking at the mirror in the morning and wondering, “Who’s that gorgeous lady ready to take on the world?!” Oh, wait, that’s me. Actually, they’re wondering, “what is going on with my skin?! And why can’t I take a selfie without worrying about adding a filter?” #nofilter #yourelying

Here’s the myth: You can only have great skin if you have tons of cash, a great plastic surgeon or bad eyesight. WRONG! And that is why Japan’s leading global skin-care brand, SK-II, is engaging women from across the globe. Their latest series is called “PITERA Masterclass.” But this time James Cordon ventures out of Naomi Watanabe’s bathroom and somehow lands in a sake brewery in Japan, taking you on a journey in search of the origin of PITERA – one of J-Beauty’s best-kept secrets and the signature ingredient in the SK-II’s best-selling PITERA Essence.

The “PITERA Masterclass” also introduces cast members Tang Wei, actress and SK-II brand ambassador, and award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend (I mean, seriously, they got John Legend) in “The Legend of PITERA”’ Legend will release the title track “Oh, PITERA,” an original love song and music video dedicated to SK-II’s iconic bestseller — PITERA essence. And dedicated to YOU, of course. He’s singing to you!

So, what is “The Legend of PITERA?” Well, if I tell you, I’m going to have to kill you. Who am I kidding? I have weak arms…

The remarkable story behind SK-II began with the curious reason why elderly sake brewers in Japan had wrinkled faces, yet exceptionally soft and youthful hands. Can you even imagine discovering such a thing? It would be like your favorite taco stand closed down, and then you lost 10 pounds the next week because of it. Seemingly impossible, yet it happened. Anyway, if it’s not obvious, the brewers’ hands were in contact with the sake fermentation process, which prompted scientists to discover the miracle PITERA, a naturally derived liquid from yeast fermentation. Translation: Younger looking skin. #nofilter #SK-II

Join celebrities like Chloe Moretz, Behati Pinsloo Levine, Ni Ni, Chun Xia, Haruka Avase and Kasumi Arimura, and enjoy amazing skin. “It would be truly a shame if we didn’t find a way to let the world know how amazing PITERA is,” shared Sandeep Seth, VP of Global SK-II. So, don’t be the only person who’s, like, “Wait, what videos?” Watch the “PITERA Masterclass” series on SK-II’s website here. And maybe one day James Corden will appear in your bathroom unannounced. Trust me, it’s possible!

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