How much is Amazon Prime Student in the UK?

People might say university was the best days of their lives – but being a student is pretty expensive.

Between tuition fees, the loan repayments and all those messy nights out, students can end up racking up quite a bill at the end of their studies.

That’s why anybody who’s studying should make sure they take advantage of Amazon’s Prime Student scheme.

It’s similar to the standard Prime subscription – but it’s even cheaper, and has a longer free trial period.

  • Amazon Prime Student, six months free (£3.99 monthly after) – sign up here

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Student, including its price, benefits and how to sign up.

Do students get free Amazon Prime?

For six months, yes, thanks to the scheme’s free trial period.

Amazon is undeniably generous with the trial period it offers to students, especially when compared to the 30-day free trial offered to standard subscribers.

If you’re a student, for half a year you can enjoy the various benefits of Amazon Prime (see below) before you’ll be automatically moved over to a paid subscription.

Read on to find out how much Amazon Prime Student costs.

What do you get with Amazon Prime Student?

You can expect to pick up all the goodies and benefits that you would get with a typical Prime membership.

Firstly, you’ll get free, unlimited next-day delivery with millions of Amazon products – and even same-day delivery in various residential postcodes in major UK cities.

You can also stream and watch everything that’s available on Amazon Prime Video, which includes thousands and thousands of films and TV shows.

(Just remember: you’re at uni to learn, not to binge-watch telly.)

The membership also covers Amazon Prime Music, which features over two million song that you can listen to ad-free and on-demand.

And when the annual Amazon Prime Day sale rolls around, you’ll get access to all the deals and price drops available only to Prime subscribers.

How much is Amazon Prime for students?

After that six-month free trial period, Prime Student becomes just £3.99 a month, or if you choose the annual subscription, £39.99.

That’s almost half the standard Prime price, which is £7.99 a month, and after a free trial period that lasts for 30 days.

In other words: enjoy student life while it lasts!

  • Amazon Prime Student, six months free (£3.99 monthly after) – sign up here

How to get Amazon Prime for students

If you’re planning to sign up for Amazon Prime Student, you’ll need to head to the sign up page and enter your college or university name, and your email address.

If you don’t have one of those, you’ll need to contact Amazon via its Prime Student email and provide proof that you’re a student, such as your NUC card.

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If you’ve changed your mind, you can always unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.

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