How Prince William Just Mimicked the Late Princess Diana's Actions

Princess Diana tragically passed away in 1997, but her two sons have not forgotten her spirit and how much she touched other people’s lives. It’s no secret that Princess Diana still lives on in Prince William and Prince Harry.

Recently, Prince William also did something that had onlookers in awe at how similar he was to Princess Diana. The apple surely does not fall far from the tree in the royal family. Find out what Prince William did and just why it reminded everyone of his mother.

Prince William recently visited a hospital that Princess Diana often visited

Earlier this month, Prince William stopped by the Royal Marsden hospital in Chelsea, London. This is not just any hospital, however. The Royal Marsden opened in the 1800s and is the first hospital in the world dedicated to cancer treatment and research.

The Royal Marsden was close to Princess Diana’s heart, and she became president of the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust in 1989. She also visited the hospital often to talk to its patients and promote its work.

Prince William followed in his mother’s footstep and took on the president position of the hospital’s trust in 2007. Since then, he also has made several visits to the Royal Marsden. Last year, he made headlines for putting on scrubs and joining surgeons in the operating room as they treated two patients using the latest in robotic technology.

Princess Diana was known for her extraordinary charity work

Many royal fans are impressed by Prince William’s dedication to charity work since his mother was a well-known humanitarian.

Not only did Princess Diana take her charity work seriously, but she also promoted causes that other royal family members did not understand. In the 1980s, for example, she began working with charities trying to help AIDS victims and, according to sources, Queen Elizabeth reportedly told Diana: “Can’t you do something nice?”

Princess Diana also defied the tradition of royals being stiff and out-of-reach and, instead, became a figure known for radiating warmth. She regularly talked to fans, give people hugs, and bent down to interact with young children.

Additionally, the public also remembers Princess Diana as a famous figure who shook hands with AIDS patients at a time when many people believed one could become ill when touching those with AIDS. Princess Diana got close with leprosy sufferers as well, sharing with the world that she was “trying to show in a simple action that they are not reviled, nor are we repulsed.”

How has Prince William been keeping his mother’s memory alive?

Aside from following in his mother’s footstep and promoting important causes, Prince William has also been trying to honor Princess Diana in many other ways. For example, his daughter Charlotte has “Diana” as part of her middle name. It seems that Princess Diana’s spirit lives on in Charlotte in other aspects as well. Princess Charlotte has been said to resemble a young Princess Diana in her appearance.

Speaking of Prince William’s children, he and Kate Middleton definitely try to take lessons from Princess Diana when it comes to raising their three kids. Princess Diana was known for showing her two sons life outside the palace wall and giving them a normal existence as possible. Prince William surely appreciated this since he and Middleton are doing the same thing with their little ones.

Prince William once famously shared that his oldest, Prince George, does not even know that he is a prince who will become king one day. For now, Prince William just wants his children to not feel different from people their age.

And finally, an important way in which Prince William keeps his mother’s memory alive is simply talking about her. He and his brother, Prince Harry, has talked about Princess Diana often over the years, mostly to share memories that they have with her with the public. Fans can watch a lot of this in the 2017 documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.

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