How to get a free McDonald’s milkshake or Coke Zero today – The Sun

MCDONALD'S diners can pick up a free milkshake or Coke Zero with their lunch today.

It's the latest offer in the three week's worth of daily deals the fast food chain is running this January.

A medium milkshake would normally set you back £1.59 and the same size Coke Zero usually costs 99p.

The deal includes all flavours of milkshakes, subject to availability, so you can pick from either vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or banana.

Customers will have to choose between either a Coke Zero or a milkshake – it can't be both as the freebie can only be redeemed once per person.

It's worth keeping in mind that McDonald’s prices vary between restaurants so the exact amount you save will depend on which branch you visit.

If you can't decide which milkshake flavour to go for, you might want to know that vanilla is the best in terms of calories, packing 377 for a medium drink.

Banana is the most calorific at 386 calories – more than a medium chocolate drink which contains 380 calories and strawberry, which has 379.

As its name suggests, Coke Zero has no calories and sugar but like any sugary drink, it isn't necessarily a healthy option either.

Your free drink can't be redeemed on Uber Eats so you'll need to actually be near a McDonald's restaurant to pick up your order.

But the good news is there are plenty of Maccies to choose from, as the majority of their 1,200 restaurants will be taking part in the freebie.

Only 28 eateries are excluded because they aren't on the app.

This means you'll need to check the terms and conditions when the deal goes live to check your nearest restaurant is taking part.

Diners can use the online store finder to track down their nearest McDonald's.

You can claim your free drink all-day except for breakfast hours, which are typically 5am until 11am in most restaurants, and you don't need to buy anything else on the menu to get it.

Free medium fries is on the menu tomorrow, while customers have previously benefited from free McMuffins and cheese melt dippers.

The Appy Days promotions has also seen£3 knocked off £10 worth of food.

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