How to recreate the London Underground at home

Going Underground! How to transform a room in homage to the London tube network – complete with a £1,679 Victoria Line inspired sofa…

  • The quirky interior items are available to buy from London Transport Museum
  • Prices range from £10 for a mug to £1,679 for a sofa in Victoria Line fabric
  • Also included are mini lightboxes with London Underground logos

Searching for a reminder of London to place in your own home, but seeking  something a little more original than a red telephone box key ring or fridge magnet?

Well look no further than quirky items on offer from the London Transport Museum’s range of home furnishings, with a range of options for different budgets.

They include everything from mugs showing the colours of the London Underground, to an entire sofa covered in the same fabric designs used on your favourite tube lines.

The home furnishings range from the London Transport Museum includes this Underground lightbox costing £40

This Victoria Line-inspired sofa from the London Transport Museum costs £1,679.99 

The full range could be used to create an entire room inspired by the London Underground.

They include mini lightboxes with the London Underground logo and the words ‘mind the gap’ written on them.

There are also chairs and other furniture items covered in fabric used on various Tube lines, including the Victoria Line, Piccadilly Line and District Line.

Extra touches are available with prices ranging extensively depending on your budget, with the potential for thousands to be spent.

They include a £10 Jubilee Line ‘open’ button or even £9 socks in the pattern of the fabric used on the District Line.

Finding your way around: This Victoria Wayfinding sign is available to buy for £400

Opening doors! This Jubilee Line button – complete with a ‘wear and tear’ look – costs £10 from the London Transport Museum

This chair costs £654.99 and is covered in the same design of fabric used on the District Line

The more expensive items include a sofa covered in Victoria Line fabric for £1,679,99 and ‘way out’ sign costing £400.

Also part of the range is a ‘fire extinguisher’ sign costing £200 and a stool covered in fabric replicating the design found on the Piccadilly Line. The stool has a price tag of £255.99.

London Transport Museum also has various posters in its collection, including a Tate Gallery by Tube poster costing £15.   

This storage cube is covered in Victoria Line fabric and costs £314.99

Emergency measures: This fire extinguisher sign comes with a £200 price tag

London chic at home: This Underground station sign will set you back £1,000

The furniture is also available in other fabrics, such as this stool in a Piccadilly Line fabric

This Tate Gallery By Tube poster costs £15 from the London Transport Museum

This Victoria Line armchair comes with a price tag of £1,149.99

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