How to use 'psychic protection' to guard yourself from bad vibes

The world is full of aggressors impacting on our wellbeing and psyche, from pollutants to noise to negative energy to stress and even to toxic people who project their pain outwards onto others.

It’s brutal out here, basically.

When you’re an empathetic person, this can get even tougher, as you’re naturally attuned to the auras and atmospheres around you.

When you’re a spiritual person, actively conducting psychic or spell work, it gets even more tricky because you are often consciously opening up to receive and emit energy from the cosmos.

You need a guard, a shield, a protector against the negative vibes out there.

The good news is I’m here to help, with a guide to using psychic protection in your home and outside it.

How to use psychic protection to guard your home

A straight path from the road to your door enables negative energy to flow easily towards you. Break up the sharp lines with potted plants, or try to create a more meandering pathway.

Hang a mirror opposite your front and back doorways to deflect any negative energy when doors are opened.

Always keep your loo seat down (to stop money going down the drain). And keep gold and silver ornaments around, to attract success, wealth and happiness.

Place a purifying white quartz crystal and/or a transmuting and protective black obsidian in your hallway, so that each time you enter, you know they are providing a welcoming shield.

How to keep yourself protected

When you leave the house, imagine you are wearing a cloak of protection.

Visualise the most beautiful cloak you have ever seen, floating in the sky. It’s lit by the moon and stars, and is enormous, as wide as a constellation. It shimmers and glimmers in the night sky above and is clearly a magical and spiritual object of great value.

Now visualise the cloak gradually falling down from the skies towards you. It billows and glides, soars and dives like a bird on a wing, and as it nears it begins to sprinkle gold dust all around you.

It falls and settles slowly over your head, shoulders and body, fitting you perfectly.

Now you are protected from all negativities, you are invisible to bad vibes and can move freely and unhindered about your business without anything settling on you.

Simply imagine your cloak gliding down from the sky to settle over you each time you leave the house.

Crystals for protection

Crystals, like everything else in the Universe, are thought to vibrate with their own frequency which, because of their geometrically symmetrical internal structures, automatically harmonise and balance the energy around them (be that people or atmospheres).

Darker crystals tend to have a protective quality and can act as ‘shields’ against toxic or negative vibes around you.

It is particularly powerful to wear dark crystals as a necklace or ear-rings, as the back of the neck and throat are vulnerable places for negative psychic energy to attack.

Carrying one in your pocket, or placing them on a table at a particularly troubling meeting or dialogue, can also do the trick. They will absorb and neutralise whatever toxicity is swirling around in the ether.

Good crystals here include: brown jasper, black obsidian, black tourmaline, green amazonite, onyx, smoky quartz.

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