How To Watch The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie For Free Before You Start Season 4

What’s up Marshmallows? Do you have weekend plans? Cancel them because it’s time to watch some serious Veronica Mars content. Hulu dropped Season 4 a week early, so you have eight new episodes to watch ASAP. But, before you do, perhaps you want to catch up on the previously most recent installment of the series. You can stream the Veronica Mars movie right now online before you dive in to the new episodes.

To start, it’s obviously for rent on YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes if you wanna shell out $1.99 to $2.99 to watch. (It’s $1.99 on YouTube and Amazon and $2.99 on iTunes. You can also buy it on Amazon or iTunes for 12.99). But let’s say you want to watch it for free. Who doesn’t love free? Because the Veronica Mars movie is on HBO, you can stream it for free if you’re already paying for an account. (Or, if you know someone else’s login info.) To watch it that way, just log in to your HBO Go or HBO Now account. Or, you can sign up for a week-long free trial, watch the movie, and then cancel before you have to pay anything. Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Now all offer HBO one-week free trials.

To keep everything in one place, you could do the free trial through Hulu. Then, after watching the movie, you could go check out Season 4, which is also streaming on Hulu. Kristen Bell, who plays Veronica Mars, is actually the one who requested that Hulu drop the episodes early. During a panel for the show at Comic Con, the actor said that, as a birthday gift (she was born on July 18), she wanted Hulu to start streaming the new season right then. And, you know what? They did.

It’s possible that the birthday request was a pre-planned stunt, but, even if it was, it was a fun surprise for fans of the show that they got to watch it much earlier than anticipated. Just be sure to build a couple of hours into your marathon-watch for the movie’s run-time. Technically you probably don’t need to watch the film to dive into the new episodes, but who doesn’t want more Veronica Mars content?

The movie was a pretty cool achievement when it came out in 2014. It was crowdfunded by fans on Kickstarter in 2013. They raised over $5 million to make the movie happen. Without that jump start five years ago, who knows if Hulu would have even revived the series for a fourth season? In that way, Veronica Mars was really the beginning of the revival/reboot era of television. Fans just didn’t want to see the story end for good in 2007. More than 10 years later, the series is back with eight new episodes on Hulu. And, who knows, maybe the fans can keep it relevant enough for another season or another movie down the line.

But enough reading, get to watching! However you choose to stream the Veronica Mars movie, it’ll be a fun way to kick off your Season 4 marathon-watch. Enjoy, Marshmallows!

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