How to wrap Christmas presents using no cellotape and scissors

The festive period is in full swing, and Christmas is just around the corner as we begin to count down the days.

We've all started Christmas shopping and as 25 December looms closer, it's time to start wrapping each gift up perfectly.

The presentation of the gift if just as important as what's inside, claims gift wrapping expert Jane Means, who told The Sun: "It's really important as first impressions count. It is the same as fashion on a person and it's all in the detail.

"More than ever we need to feel special and valued and a beautifully wrapped gift shows that you care. It also makes the gift looks more luxurious.

"With the correct materials, gift wrapping can be easy. Ensure that you don't have too much paper and measure before you cut to avoid waste."

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Wrapping presents can prove difficult, and there's nothing worse than getting halfway through your pile of gifts to realise you've ran out of cellotape.

However, there's now a series of hacks that require no cellotape at all in order to neatly wrap up your loved ones' Christmas presents.

The best thing to substitute cellotape for is ribbon or string, which will enable you to tie the gift up as oppose to taping it.

Jane explained the alternative method, saying: "Fabric remnants are a way to re use and recycle.

"Simply place the item in the centre of the fabric and gather. Tie a knot to secure and you have an eye catching gift."

If your gift is slightly trickier to wrap you can still avoid cellotape by using a glue gun, or by wrapping the item in something flexible, such as tissue paper, before tying a ribbon around it to secure it in place.

Jane shared her expert tips, adding: "Awkward shapes are best wrapped with flexible materials such as tissue, crepe paper, cellophane, netting and fabric. Tissue and cellophane are easy to work with and both can be purchased from your local florist.

"Small gifts or favours can be wrapped using paper napkins. Gather round the item and secure with string or ribbon."

Other alternative methods include using fabric as wrapping paper, or neatly folding the present using specific techniques which allow it to stay secure without tape.

Over on Instagram, Sophie, known as @thefoldinglady, has shared a series of clips showing impressive ways to wrap gifts without tape.

In one reel, she shows how adopting a new folding technique can allow you to neatly wrap an item up ready to present to a loved one.

The impressive hack works best with boxes, and Sophie's step-by-step demonstration can be easily followed to replicate at home.

She also shared a series of clips which show Jane's expert tips being put to use, including impressive fabric wraps and creative ways to use tissue paper.

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