I can’t stop thinking about how well-endowed my girlfriend’s exes were – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY partner told me all about her many past lovers and I can’t wipe the images from my mind.

She is 48, beautiful, kind and caring. I am 50.

It’s love and we’ve been together a year. She says she first had sex at 15, then got married at 17 to a violent guy.

She had a six-year affair with a married man, a string of one-night stands, and was then with another man for ten years.

She said all of them were well endowed – which I am not, and this makes me feel inferior.

She assures me she has had the best sex every time with me and nearly always climaxes, which she has never done before.

I don’t understand why she told me about her past.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Size is not what it takes to be a good lover. She is enjoying the best sex ever with you and reaching orgasm.

I bet she doesn’t complain you don’t measure up.

Chances are she has been searching for unconditional love, to feel valued for herself, and she’s found that in you.

That’s why she felt safe confiding in you about her past. Don’t let insecurity spoil what you have together.

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