I had a thrilling romp with a hot colleague in her car but I’m a married dad-of-two – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: A HOT girl at work gave me oral sex in her car. Now we both want to take things to the next level but I am a married dad of two – and already finding the guilt hard to bear.

I’ve been married for 12 years and we have two brilliant boys aged eight and six. I am 38 and my wife is 36. She can be hard work at times and has an acid tongue. I love her deeply but sometimes I feel like I could smother her.

This new girl started at my workplace recently and we immediately hit it off. She told me from the start she has a boyfriend but within a couple of weeks it became clear things weren’t right between them.

She began flirting with me and giving me lifts home. She is 24, slim and gorgeous. The more time we spent together, the more I started to like her.

Then she gave me a lift home one morning after a night shift. She pulled up in a lay-by on the way to my house and moved in for a kiss.

I responded and before I knew it she was unzipping my trousers and giving me oral sex. The experience was mind-blowing. We met up in her car a couple of days later and this time I gave her oral sex. It was a weird feeling of both excitement and guilt.

Now this girl is begging me to take the next step. I want to but can’t forget I’m married and a father to boot. The guilt is taking its toll on me. My wife would be so hurt.

I know she would never forgive me if she were to find out. I would lose everything — but I am so tempted, I just don’t know what to do.


MORE than one million kids live in stepfamilies – and many may see their parent’s new partner as a rival for attention.
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DEIDRE SAYS: Isn’t the truth that you are being weak-willed and finding it hard to deny yourself the thrill of a fling? It is not justified just because your wife has a sharp tongue.

What you share with your colleague is exciting and secret, but it doesn’t mean it would work as a lasting relationship – especially with two children and their unhappy mother on the scene.
This initial lust will calm down and you could be left regretting ruining your life and your sons’, too.

Tell your wife you are not going to put up with any more of the acid-tongue treatment. Negotiate the boundaries of what is an acceptable way to talk to one another.
Be direct and loving but don’t accept her treating you with disrespect.

Tell your colleague your fling is over. Be civil and friendly but make your own way home, so you aren’t tempted. My e-leaflet Torn Between Two Women should help you think the situation through.

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