I had sex with a colleague after my wife made fun of my manhood in front of them – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I STARTED having sex with a woman at work after my wife made fun of my wedding tackle in front of all my colleagues.

We’ve been married for just six months. I’m 32 and my wife is 29. I’ve got a new job running a section in a department store.

A colleague invited us all to a barbecue one weekend. My wife hardly knows my workmates so I thought she’d be reserved when she met them — but far from it.

As the drink flowed, the sexual banter got more extreme. A group of us were talking about our sex lives and one of the girls was laughing, saying her frisky husband had passed her the bath towel that evening by hanging it on his manhood.

Another colleague said he could only manage a hand towel and then another joked about being able to hold up just a flannel.

My wife turned to me, saying loudly, “Yes, and your limit is a piece of loo roll.” I was mortified.

We left not long after and had a huge row when we got home. I said, “I can’t believe you’d embarrass me so much in front of my colleagues.”

She shrugged and said, “Take a chill pill. It was just a joke.” I’ve been having some erection problems and I know my wife was annoyed because I wouldn’t see the doctor.

The following week I was ribbed something chronic. One of the younger women on my team sent me a text saying, “If I can be of help, just call.”

She’s 25 and has only just joined us. I was so mad with my wife I texted the other woman back and she invited me round. She was great to talk to and one thing led to another.

We had amazing sex — and no erection problems. I’ve seen her a few times since but I realise it isn’t what I want. I want my good relationship with my wife back.

One stupid argument, and everything has blown out of all proportion and I’ve made it worse.


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DEIDRE SAYS: Don’t let some silly drunken banter wreck your marriage.

Maybe the excitement of the new did act as a sexual tonic but the woman at work is just a distraction from the real issues you need to sort.

Tell her the two of you had best keep your relationship professional in future and put your energies into saving your marriage.

Talk to your wife. Say you love her and want your marriage to be happy again.

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