I have small boobs but I use a simple make-up hack to make them look bigger

As most beauty fans know, the perfect contour can completely change your face – but what if it could do that to your body?

Well, one woman does just that with hers and even gave fans a demonstration of how she is able to give herself a fuller bust using just her makeup skills.

Zoe Kennedy is a make-up artist with her own studio who regularly posts her tips and tricks online.

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In a recent TikTok clip, posted under her username Makeupbyzk, Zoe showed her followers her boob contour makeup tutorial which is designed to make her look like she has big boobs.

She said: “This is my boob contour tutorial, this is done on myself for once. I do this pretty much every time I have something low cut on because my boobs are very wide they don't really sit in the middle like some people.

“I don’t have fake boobs but we're going to pretend we do, using this technique. You just go down the edge of the boob.

"You can go all the way under as well.

“Then I like to use a little bit of highlighter on the main part of the boob and down the middle of the chest and on the abs, a little bit just to enhance them and on the collar bones as well.

“The bit in the middle I think really helps can you see how much of a difference just highlighting down the centre really makes?

"This just made me feel so much more confident going braless when I don't really have the biggest boobies.”

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In the caption, she added: "Thank me later small boob gang" and it appeared they were in the comments as more than 280 fans wrote back to praise her for the hack.

One viewer said: “Mine sit the exact same I feel u.” [sic]

Another added: “I needed this thanks, bae.”

A third commented: "Works so well omg."

A fourth wrote: "You're gorgeous."


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