I lost my lip after vicious dog hung onto face – now trolls call me The Grinch

A woman who survived a gruesome dog attack has learned to love herself despite cruel trolls saying she looks like The Grinch.

Brooklinn Khoury, from Mission Viegjo in California, US, had a dramatic change in her life two years ago when her cousin's dog attacked her and bit off her upper lip.

The skateboarder recalled the pitbull hanging on her upper lip and shaking her head for 45 seconds before something "flung up the wall".

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Brooklinn was rushed to hospital but they struggled to find her a surgeon to fix her injury and she was left with no upper lip for one year.

Sharing her healing process to Daily Star, the 23-year-old said she is "blessed" to have found an amazing surgeon who is bringing her smile back.

"I am surrounded by so many people who love and support me from the inside and out, and I am taking life day by day, and trusting the process," she said.

In the last year, Brooklinn went through six operations including skin graft from the inside of her arm.

There were moments people made fun of her look and left comments calling her "the Grinch" or "Cat in the Hat".

But she turned the negative thoughts into positive actions by making fun out of it.

In one video she even pulled facial expressions similar to the Grinch.

Brooklinn explained: "I know that I look very different, and people are always going to have something to say about it.

"So I just try to make the best out of the situation if I can by laughing and responded by making a TikTok of me replicating pictures of both the Grinch and Cat in the Hat.

"I just try to not to take those comments too seriously. People are always going to say hurtful things so it’s better to just ignore them if you can."

But sometimes the hateful comments take a toll on her mental health.

She explained: "One time I was actually sitting at Disneyland alone waiting for my friend, when this man and his family came up to me. He looked at me and said "you know who you look like, Homer Simpson", him and his family started laughing and they walked away.

"When I figured out what he meant I was pretty upset by how one comment could so quickly ruin my day."

It has not been an easy task for Brooklinn to handle daily tasks, as she has had to re-learn to eat and pronounce words differently.

The young woman revealed that she has about two more reconstruction surgeries to go, before she can see the end result.

Having survived the horrific attack, Brooklinn said it didn't stop her from loving dogs.

"I still love dogs! I have a dog of my own, and I take her to the dog park daily," she told the site.

"I would say I am definitely more cautious around dogs, because I know what they are capable of doing, but I could never fear them!"


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