I love being dominant in the bedroom – but men call me high maintenance

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Shirley Flynn is no wallflower.

The influencer, also known as Busty Malone, is never shy about flaunting her 38J boobs – and she has a bubbly personality too.

The 40-something, from the West Midlands, is a self-confessed ‘boss girl’.

She believes her feisty nature makes her dominant over men, both in and out of the bedroom, but admits some assume she's "high maintenance" due to her strong-willed nature.

Shirley boasts 31,000 Instagram followers and loves the hold she has over her doting fans.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Shirley has revealed what makes her a ‘boss babe’ – and why other women should claim their dominance over men like she does.

She said: “A ‘boss girl’ is me being in control of my life and feelings and will not take a mess from men.

“I'm taking control now because I am in control. Men see me as a challenge.

“I’m strong, feisty, dominant and challenging. They (men) think I'm maybe high maintenance.”

The voluptuous content creator feels that women in general should take the power over the men in their life in order to feel adored.

She continued: “Women should be more dominant in and out of the bedroom. Men should make their women feel like a queen and make her feel special.

“It's the new age, women [should be] powerful, confident with their sexuality, no more sweet Alice in her Palace, it's now dungeon Dominant Demi.

“It can be sexy and a turn on when a man takes control of your body but now the sides of the bed have flipped over.”

But the title of the ‘boss girl’ is not just limited to the busty babe, Shirley has shared that it takes a special type of person to take on the role.

She continued: “To be a boss girl she needs to be headstrong, confident and in control of her life and her emotions.

“It's open season and she must be able to take on a challenge when it comes to men and life itself.”

Although Shirley is a ‘boss girl’ now, she hasn’t always shared the same confident persona she now boasts.

She revealed: “I haven't always been confident about flaunting my figure. It's the online hate and trolls I was getting that provoked me into it because if I never looked good they wouldn't hate on me.

“My confidence provoked their insecurities which led them to troll on me which gave me more confidence to post racy photos and videos on my social media platforms.

“I liked the shocking effect it had on people, but on the positive side I've had women say to me I've been an inspiration to them as being a plus size woman and doing the racy pictures and videos has given them confidence.”

Trolling is not uncommon for the large breasted babe as she previously shared that she received nasty remarks online from people who claimed she had no nipples.

Shirley told us: “I find it quite amusing that some people would be so stupid to question or think I haven't got nipples as everyone is born with them.

“Men will troll and ask about my nipples then secretly inbox me asking for topless pictures from me. It's their perverted way of trying to access topless photos of me.

“Women troll me and ask only because they are jealous and are fishing for flaws because they feel insecure about theirs.”

You can follow Shirley on Instagram here.

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