I put LIDLs designer face cream dupe to the test – skincare review

Express tries the Cien Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream Moisturiser by Lidl

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As a skincare addict, I’m always on the lookout for new products to give my skin an added boost, but I’m all too aware of how the cost can add up. So, it’s no surprise a viral video raving about LIDL’s so-called “designer skincare dupe” piqued my interest.

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk, Scott McGlynn, a beauty and skincare influencer and host and creator of Celebrity Skin Talk and Acne Uncovered, shared his experience using the savvy skincare dupe which could save shoppers over £60.

He told Express.co.uk: “I have recently been testing the Lidl Cein cream RRP £1.49 and I’m not disappointed, I can really feel the hydration, and my skin is left feeling fresh and radiant after using it.

“I did a test using this cream against a £69.00 cream and I found that it does the same job. In fact, the Lidl cream went further and my skin felt more moisturised.”

Lidl sells both a day and night version of its Cien Q10 Intense Face Cream. The day cream contains hyaluronic acid to help “protect skin cells and reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles.”

I’ll admit, I was a little dubious at first about purchasing a supermarket-branded face cream. However, Scott assured me that spending more money doesn’t always mean getting the best product.

He said: “Remember the more expensive products aren’t always the best – that is what I find all the time. This is the main message I give to my followers because everyone thinks that face creams which are £100+ should be magic in a jar but they rarely are, to be honest.”

So, I headed to my local LIDL to pick up one of their Night Creams and try it for myself.

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What is the LIDL Cein Q10 Intense Night Cream?

The LIDL Cein Q10 Intense Night Cream is a cream to be applied in the evenings which is suitable for “all skin types”. The supermarket’s website adds: “Used regularly, this Day cream can also help to prevent the formation of new wrinkles.”

Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Antioxidants are three of the most notable ingredients in this product.

What is the cream like to use?

At first glance, the LIDL Cein Q10 Intense Night Cream doesn’t look too dissimilar from other name brands on the market, thanks to its packaging design.

Packaged in a fuss-free jar, the cream blends in nicely on my skincare shelf, and is really easy to use. The product is lightly scented, but not overwhelmingly so, and spreads onto the skin easily.

In my opinion, less is more with the night cream, as it’s fairly thick. With that said, it does sink into the skin and seems to hydrate in a matter of minutes.

The results

I’ve been using the LIDL Cein Q10 Intense Night Cream as part of my usual nighttime skin routine for the last couple of weeks, and so far I am really enjoying the product.

There has been no skin irritation or redness and I have transitioned to using the cream with ease, although I don’t typically struggle with sensitive skin or breakouts. The product name may be obvious, but given how thick the cream is, I would advise keeping this for evening use only.

Although the cream can’t work miracles, and the fine lines on my face haven’t vanished overnight, my skin does feel soft and supple when the morning arrives. For the price, I’d absolutely recommend it as part of a nighttime skincare routine for those with normal skin types.

LIDL Cein Q10 Intense Night Cream is available in stores for £1.49 (subject to demand)

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