I quit law school for Babestation after neighbours told mum Im a sex worker

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A Babestation model opened up about the sacrifices she has made for her saucy career – from angering her parents to ditching law school.

Jamie Knight was on a gap year from Queen Mary University of London when neighbours told her outraged parents that she was webcamming.

And she then upset her mum and dad further after quitting her law degree for a job at Babestation.

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The 25-year-old Russian babe is now financially independent but her loved ones remain sceptical of her life choices.

Speaking exclusively with the Daily Star, Jamie said: “I told my parents I was on a gap year travelling.. and I was travelling but not for that purpose.

“I think the neighbours told her I was webcamming and my mum was extremely upset. I wasn't the one to tell her.

“Mum wanted to keep it quiet and she spoke with me about it but she was extremely unhappy. I didn’t really understand because in Europe sex work is more normalised.

“I never thought sex work was a bad thing. I just thought it was work.”

The stunning brunette said her parents are pleased about her success – but would probably prefer if she had a more conventional career.

She added: “My parents now know I am safe and happy.

"I have my own house and car but I think my mum would be happier if I was a lawyer and had all those things, just because people would look at me differently.”

Jamie grew up in Moskva, Russia, and was open to becoming a lawyer from an early age.

There was a high crime rate in her area and she felt that would mean there would always be work in law.

But ultimately, her motivation was heavily influenced by her parents.

She remembered: “I was absolutely doing it to please my parents despite having an interest in it. I just went for it because I feel like a lot of parents want their child to do law or medicine.”

Jamie then moved to the UK and during her first year at Queen Mary University she was working part-time in coffee shops while studying.

One of her jobs was at a Costa in the middle of London where she was on minimum wage.

That, combined with her challenging law degree where she struggled with the language barrier, proved challenging.

“Costa was so busy and it was really hard work,” she said.

“People were also really rude to people in customer services.

“That experience put me off working for someone else. And with law you think you will be in court and you will be this badass but it's not like that, especially the first five years.

“It’s totally different to sex work.”

Wanting more, Jamie started webcamming for two hours in the evenings from home.

She quickly began making five times her Costa salary, despite not showing her face, and she then decided to take a gap year after completing her first year of studies.

That’s when she travelled the world and met more people in the sex industry. Jamie also began showing more of herself on webcam.

She said: “They were all working in the industry full-time and they all had nice apartments and cars and I was just wondering why I was doing all this?

“It made no sense. I would graduate and then I would have issues with colleagues in an office and I would be making like £25,000 at best.

“I realised it was ridiculous and I wanted to live in London and I knew I wouldn’t have enough money for that unless I room shared or something like that.”

Disgruntled, she then went back to her second year of law school but quit just six months later.

This was after she met some people who worked at Babestation who she remains colleagues with to this day five years later.

And despite being initially anxious about choosing racy modelling over law, she has no regrets about leaving university behind.

She said: “At the beginning when I quit I was more conscious about it because my family were really not happy.

“But they know I am safe now. If I perform with women they are tested and I don’t perform with men.

“Yet my mum works in a hospital and I know she sometimes gets comments about me. It’s embarrassing that people mention that.”

Jamie has now been at Babestation for five years and she has earned a reputation as a Dominatrix.

She concluded: “I get loads of people call me who are into the Dominatrix stuff.

“They just love it and I think those kinds of people are just the best because most of the time they have lots of money.

“They also respect you more because they want you to be dominated.

"They will also send you gifts to the studio and they are usually high end people with proper jobs who appreciate expensive things.”


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