I resent my boyfriend's daughter – she's set on keeping us apart

DEAR DEIDRE: I RESENT my boyfriend’s daughter as she won’t accept us as a couple.

She can be so rude and has an attitude but my boyfriend won’t pull her up on it.

I spend my weekends sitting on the opposite side of the room from him as she doesn’t even like us sitting together.

My boyfriend’s daughter is nine. I’m 37 and he is 39. We’ve been together for five months. He tells me he loves me but I’m angry all the time.

He’s now given me time to “sort my head out”. My parents divorced when I was nine and I had a new stepdad. My real dad died when I was 14. I wonder if this is why I’m struggling?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your parents divorced when you were the same age as your partner’s daughter is now, and then your dad died. No wonder you’re raw.

This little girl’s behaviour stems from all the emotional upheaval in her short life. She needs boundaries but her dad needs to be the one dishing out the discipline.

Be patient and build a relationship of your own with her. Organise the odd girlie outing for just the two of you.

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