I spent £7k at the vet only to be told my cat isn't ill, just 'weird'

I spent £7,000 at the vet because I thought my cat had a rare disorder – only to be told she’s ‘just weird’

  • Abigail Laker, 23, a music student from Salford, bought her cat Moose last year
  • When she took Moose to the vet to be spayed, vet said she was breathing oddly
  • This caused concern that the cat was suffering from a rare breathing disorder
  • But after spending £7k on vet bills, Abigail was told that Moose is ‘just weird’

A student was terrified her cat was suffering from a rare breathing disorder – and forked out £7,000 in vets bills before she was told her pet was ‘just a bit weird.’

Music student Abigail Laker, 23, from Salford, fell in love with her moggy Moose when she bought her last year.

But when she took Moose to the vet to be spayed, she was worried when vets pointed out her feline friend had an unusual breathing pattern and advised an investigation.

The vet told Abigail they didn’t want to carry out the procedure if there was a more serious underlying health condition, pointing out that her breathing was very fast which could point to a serious issue.

Abigail Laker (pictured with her cat Moose) spent £7,000 on vet’s bills after fearing her moggy may have a rare breathing disorder – only to be told the animal is ‘just weird

Realising that Moose would pant and breathe very fast, as well as stare as if she is going to pounce, Abigail was worried that her beloved kitten might have underlying problems.

However, after months of examinations and tests, Abigail was relieved to be told that there was nothing wrong with Moose and she was just a little strange.

Abigail explains: ‘A specialist vet ended up diagnosing Moose, he basically told me that Moose is just a bit weird.

‘Which was a relief, but it did cost £7,000 for them to find that out.

Moose (pictured) had to visit a specialist vet to investigate whether she had a breathing disorder, after a vet said she has an unusual breathing pattern

Abigail says that after extensive investigations, she discovered from a specialist that Moose (pictured) ‘has decided she wants to be a cat who pants’

‘He said they have done every test they can and Moose’s breathing is nothing to do with her heart or lungs and it’s probably just behavioural. 

‘It was a strange response and a but he said that she has decided she wants to be a cat who pants.

‘It’s definitely typical of her to be that dramatic form to to have to spend £7000 in bills, but all worth it to know she’s okay.

‘At first I didn’t realise there was a problem. I took her to the vet to get spayed and the vet noticed that she would breathe fast so had asked me if she usually did that as it could be something serious.

According to Abigail (pictured here with Moose) her moggy has a ‘crazy personality’ – and it turns out her strange breathing pattern is part of that

While most cats take an average of between 20 to 30 breaths a minute, sometimes Moose will breathe up to 100 times a minute

‘They told me they would do some investigating as didn’t want to put her under if there was a problem. I just thought it was normal as I have had cats before but Moose is my first cat since moving out.

‘I’ve also always had dogs, and dogs pant, so I didn’t think it was a weird thing until the vet asked me to keep track of it and that’s when I noticed how much she did it.

‘She has a crazy personality anyway, and I think that’s a part of it.

Menace: Abigail describes the characterful feline as a menace who ‘rules the house’ and is bossy – but is also very sweet and lovely

Attention seeker: Abigail says that Moose (pictured) enjoys having all eyes on her, and the student suspects some house visitors only come to see the cat

‘She is a menace, she rules the house. She is so playful and she also will stare like she is about to pounce all the time. She is very sweet and lovely but also very bossy.

‘Usually cats take between 20 to 30 breaths a minute and sometimes she would be taking 80 a minute. 

‘I was having to rush her to the vets when it would be over 100 a minute.

Abigail (pictured with Moose) says she is able to relax about her moggy’s strange panting now that she knows there is no medical problem 

‘It is worse in the summer as well as she would pant more, but now I know its nothing serious I can relax about it all.

‘It’s just typical dramatic Moose. I have had her for seven months and so she is was coming out of kitten stage, we realised that it’s typical her and she has to be centre of attention.

‘I look after her at my university house with my housemate Cristina and we’re sure people only come over to see Moose.’

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