I Think Alessia Cara Just Wrote Us An Expensive Taste Test Theme Song?

It’s actually very funny how tap VS. bottled water is always what manages to stump our Expensive Taste Test guests. I guess something about that quality NYC water supply really throws people off, and Alessia Cara was yet another victim. Obvi this singer-songwriter is a woman of many talents, but ETT has a way of really humbling even the brightest stars.

So how exactly did Ms. Cara approach our challenge? By utilizing her skills ofc. During one round, we gave her two guitars to test out, and our test slowly turned into a full-out jam session. Please, take some time to appreciate the exclusive track she debuted for us:

I’m here with Cosmo/ Tryna find what’s more expensive, yeah…/ I don’t have expensive taste/I didn’t guess the tap water or other stuff…

I think we’ve got a Grammy contender on our hands. If you wanna see how Alessia ended up scoring, you’ve gotta check out the full episode!

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