I used to weigh less than 8 stone – now I love showing off my curvy figure

A body positive influencer opened up on her modelling past, as she admitted she used to weigh less than 8st.

Sophie Louise Hughes, who boasts 39,800 Instagram followers, took to the platform this week to share an old photo from her teenage modelling days.

She compared this to a photo of her now to show how far she had come.

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The pink-haired star told fans she used to be a "broken woman" who was told she had to be under 50kg (7.9st) – despite the fact that she is 5ft9.

She also said the smaller she became during those days, the 'more she was loved'.

Sophie told her old self that she was 'sorry for how she had treated her' in an emotional post.

She wrote: "There are so many beautiful new women in this space and I wanted to share why I’m here, why I show up.

"First and foremost I do it for her. I do it for the broken young woman inside me who needs to know that there is hope, for her, for you, for us all. She needs to know that we heal. (She needs to know we grow boobs!!!!)

"This was my first ever shoot. 15 years old. I weighed under 50kg here. Always under 50kg that was the rule. I am 5'9."

The influencer added: "She didn’t know better, she was coping, she was trying to control something, anything.

"And then she was launched into the modelling world, a world where the MOST interesting thing about her was her waist measurement, where people would poke and prod at her hips and tell her she’ll need to follow an apple diet if she wants to walk runway.

"Where the smaller she got, the more she was loved, where everyone around her was shrinking and being celebrated for it. Where 'don’t feed the models' was a way of life on set.

"And I speak about her in third person intentionally, I keep her separate, I keep her safe.

"Maybe I keep myself safe somehow."

Sophie concluded by saying: "All I know, is I do it all for her, and for all of you who have a broken young woman inside of you. Maybe she’s not that young, maybe you’re still fighting your demons.

"But she’s a woman who needs love, who needs to hear that she is beautiful, that she was always enough, that we are so very sorry for the way we treated her.

"That we want to be her friend. I do it for her."

Fans were quick to be supportive and thanked Sophie for her honest post.

One wrote: "I have a broken woman inside. I'm fixing her thanks to people like yourself."

While another added: "You are mind-blowingly inspiring and an incredible role model."

A third chimed in: "You're beautiful, keep being you."

The post comes after Sophie shared a 'deleted' picture of her 'real bikini body' last week after telling fans she had learned to love her curves.


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