I want to stop smoking cannabis to be a better mum but I just can’t help myself – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I HAVE two beautiful children but I am not the mum they deserve. My ex was abusive but I managed to leave him. I miscarried soon after.

Then my lovely mum died suddenly. I was devastated, more so when my dad quickly got together with someone else.

I am 26, my children are a boy of three and a girl of five.

Last year I discovered my ex had abused our daughter and he is now forbidden any contact with the children. I hit rock bottom.

My brother uses cannabis and he told me it would help me cope. I am now stuck in a rut of using it to numb the pain. I know I should stop and become a better mum.

DEIDRE SAYS: You have had a lot to cope with on your own. My e-leaflet on Drug Worries has details of where to find support.

Find help from Mosac, who offer support to non-abusing parents of sexually abused kids (mosac.org.uk, 0800 980 1958).

Home-Start offers practical and emotional help for building a better life (home-start.org.uk, 0800 068 63 68).

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