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A PSYCHOLOGIST has revealed her Love Island predictions ahead of a dramatic recoupling tonight.

Things are set to explode in the villa, with ITV treating fans to an extra five minutes of drama.

It's time for the Islanders to face the music after days of getting to know hot new bombshells.

They must decide whether to stick with their original partner – who they haven't seen for days – or couple up with a newbie.

And Dr Veronica Lamarche, a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Essex, said there are two contestants that are most at risk of heartbreak.

Paige and Jacques 

It started off so well – but now Jacques has decided to get to know other women after being tunnel vision with Paige since his first day.

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Speaking to The Sun, Dr Lamarche said: “I think Jacques is really uncomfortable with the amount of vulnerability he's given to Paige. 

“We've seen that in other episodes where he's expressed how much he cared about her and then the next day he was saying, ‘I wish I hadn't done that’. Because now he feels he can get hurt.

“I think he's anticipating that Paige is going to dump him and so to protect himself from the pain, he's going around and trying to make a connection.”

Dr Lamarche said Jacques is thinking about himself, and not his connection with Paige, and is therefore likely to switch partners.

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She said: “I think Jacques might have let his fear of vulnerability get the best of him and ruin the good thing they have going between them. 

“It seems unlikely that Paige is going to sway so I think it's going to be pretty said viewing tonight. There's a good chance it might end in heartbreak.”

Andrew and Tasha

Like Jacques, Andrew has welcomed the opportunity to flirt with new women with open arms.

While he wasted no time getting into bed with Coco, it became clear last night he was far from over Tasha.

Dr Lamarche said: “Andrew has shown that he’s consistently worried that that Tasha is making him look like a fool. 

“He reacted really strongly when someone he’d never even met before [the new girls] said she's been talking about you behind your back.”

Dr Lamarche said she expects Andrew is worried Tasha will come back with someone else, and therefore will do the same out of self preservation.

However, he might chicken out at the last minute in the hope his dream girl will come back to him.

But she added: “I think Tasha being interested in Billy is driven partly by concern of what other people say about her. 

“Both of them are letting what other people expect of them, or who they want to be in the eyes of others, lock them off from each other.

“Both want to be seen as independent and not being taken advantage of, but maybe that’s driving them away from a genuine connection.” 

Davide and Ekin-Su

Love Island viewers were left devastated for Ekin-Su when Davide snogged two girls in the same night.

Dr Lamarche said because Davide’s trust was broken early on, he might expect Ekin-Su to stray once again, and therefore was open to new options. 

Ekin-Su may be aware Davide doesn’t completely trust her – despite telling him she’s fully committed – and anticipate him finding someone new, prompting her to pick up a new boy.

However, the Turkish actress surprised Dr Lamarche, who expected her to be “easily swayed by attention” in Casa Amor.

She said: “I would have expected at least one of them was going to twist for sure. But now it seems a little less clear.

“Davide has been hurt before and he's really reopened himself to the idea that there could be something there.

“But he's also been very clear he doesn't feel that investment or commitment towards her because of what happened.

“The flipside is, I don't know if he’s had that click with anyone in Casa Amor.

“It's a little bit tricky to tell if there's a real connection between Davide and Ekin-Su.”

Indiyah and Dami

Indiyah and Dami had a budding romance before Casa Amor.

But Dami has shared a smooch with new recruit Summer and fans were devastated when he made a handshake with her.

Dr Lamarche said there is potential for Indiyah to have her heart broken tonight. 

Even though she has been getting to know Deji, it’s hard to tell who she is more interested in.

Dr Lamarche said: “I don’t think Dami was that invested in India yet. They had only really recently gotten together and they had a slow burning bond. 

“I think Dami might switch to Summer.

“Indiyah might feel that Deji is a better fit because they're both from London they both share similar values, interests and travel.

“So she might find that there's a more promising connection there.”

Luca and Gemma

These two have kept to themselves during the Casa Amor break, keen to get back to their other half.

Dr Lamarche said: “I think Luca has consistently shown he was kind of unsure about himself and unsure about how maybe Gemma felt towards him.

“But he's physically removed himself from any temptation from the situation.”

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Dr Lamarche said it’s clear Luca has taken the risk of embarrassment if Gemma walks in with someone else because he deems her to be worth it.

“The test for him is does Gemma come back? He is choosing to trust Gemma, rather than giving into temptation.”

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