I'm convinced my husband is thieving my valuables from our house | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN things started going missing around the home I thought I was going mad.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if my husband is stealing from me.

I’m 39, he’s 42 and we have been together for nine years.

A couple of months ago I noticed a pair of my gold earrings had gone missing. I was confused, but assumed I had misplaced them.

Then over time, I began to notice more things disappearing – jewellery and even my grandfather’s pocket watch.

I don’t want to believe it but the only real explanation is that my husband is stealing from me.

But why would he do this?

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DEIDRE SAYS: The only way to know for certain what’s happening is to speak to him.

Without accusing him, let him know you are upset and someone has been stealing from you.

Ask him if he knows anything about these thefts.

If your fears are correct, this will have a huge impact on your relationship. Can you truly trust him after this? Does he have an addiction?

If you are right, you are likely to need support to work through any trust and possible addiction issues.

My support pack, How Counselling Works, will help.


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