I’m plus size and love wearing small bikinis – but people beg me not to

A curvy woman who enjoys flaunting her plus-size figure in skimpy swimwear online refuses to hold back even though trolls who dislike the way she looks. Cecilia Emily frequently takes a dig at people who say she is too fat to wear a bikini by posting yet more footage of her curves on TikTok.

The fashion fan says she is often met with stares from strangers when she wears fitted clothes but insists that it is one of the things she loves “about being fat”. Most of the content creator’s audience is blown away by her curvaceous looks, though the odd troll does enjoy throwing shade at the comments.

In some clips, viewers have retaliated to the blonde beauty’s confidence with a volley of abuse, with one commentator writing: “Keep your clothes on.”

One particular video, which has garnered attention from thousands of viewers with more than 29,000 views, left Cecilia’s audience divided.

“Gorgeous goddess,” wrote one viewer, which another commentator followed with: “Love this dress on you! Gorgeous!

Other disgruntled viewers questioned the compliments Celilia received, with one writing: “Are you guys looking at the same picture as me?” 

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A second commentator quipped: “I think if you’re being criticised it’s because you ask for it – we are who we are and we should take care of ourselves. You’re a human being after all.”

In other clips posted from the same account, @ceciliaxemily, the content creator made a point to list the things that she loves about “being fat”.

In one video she argues that she “will never need Botox” because her cheeks are “chubby”, while in another she claims to love showing off in a two-piece.

With a smile and some posing, Cecilia continues to dismiss the criticism she receives on a daily basis.  

She is one of many participants in the body positivity movement hitting back at vile trolls sweeping applications like TikTok and Instagram.

The movement, which has made strides on social media platforms, fights for inclusivity by encouraging young people to accept their bodies.

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