Influencer shares candid bikini pictures taken before and after festive season

Many put on a bit of weight during the festive season.

Weeks of drinking wine, scoffing cheese and binging on Christmas dinner can lead to us bloating.

But body positive influencer Karina Irby says we shouldn’t feel guilty about piling on some extra pounds in December.

On Instagram, the Australian swimwear designer posted bikini pictures of herself taken in October and December.

She looks absolutely gorgeous in both of the images – but is embracing her curvier figure in the second snap.

Karina captioned the post: “October vs December. Guilt free holidays and I honestly don’t even feel bad about it!”

Karina continued: “Yeah I’m a little more bloated. A little more round. A little more heavier.

“But I’m happy. And I’m actually looking forward to physically kicking my own butt back into the best shape next year.

“Be your own motivation they say.”

Karina’s post garnered 26,000 likes and dozens of positive comments.

One Instagram user gushed: “In the same boat, life is too short not to enjoy what you like.

“Thanks for helping me learn to not be so hard on myself, you’re beautiful.”

Another said: “We have such similar body shapes and I love seeing you being normal!!

“It makes me want to love my body even more!! Keep it up!!”

A third wrote: “Thank you for being so REAL and transparent. It’s super refreshing and much appreciated!”

And a fourth added: “You inspire me. Love all your posts. Real recognises real.”

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