Influencer shares two snaps taken seconds apart to inspire Instagram followers

An influencer has inspired her thousands of Instagram followers with her latest post.

Georgie Clarke is known for her no-nonsense attitude on social media as she inspires fans with her messages.

She often shares content to highlight how important to understand that social media isn't what it seems.

Now in her latest post, Georgie shared two snaps taken seconds apart to her 727,000 fans as she promoted Women's Best protein.

As she's an ambassador for the fitness supplies, the influencer told fans that a huge 60% off sale is now on.

The blogger then mentioned her turquoise set and white hoodie combo before moving onto her "quick reminder".

Her caption read: "The @womensbest birthday SALE has just begun with up to 60% off! Head over to their page to shop the sale."

Georgie continued: "And a quick reminder – don't let someone's highlight (posted picture) effect how you feel about yourself.

"It's a tiny snapshot that's posed – not real life. Your body is worthy of love."

In the photo, Georgie rocked a grey hoodie as she sat upright in her pose, while the "deleted" photo shows her more relaxed.

It's no surprise that her inspirational words and post racked up over 29,000 likes with hundreds of comments.

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One wrote: "Love this content," while another added: "You're my favourite."

A third said: "Love that you do this kinda stuff!

"Even someone who creates content and knows that IG is a highlight reel, it's so easy to forget and get lost in the comparison game.

"Reminders like this are so good for the soul, you're a gem."

Recently she shared a similar message when she uploaded two photos at once.

To prove that influencers are human too, the Londoner took two very different photos seconds apart.

In the first, she finds the best lighting, pulls in her stomach and pushes out her chest to achieve Insta-worthy results.

Then in the second image, she relaxes her body to show what she looks like without posing.

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