Influencer urges fans not to feel ashamed as she flaunts normal cellulite

Body positive babe Emily Bispo has urged fans not to feel “ashamed” of their cellulite after she flaunted her own natural skin texture.

The self-love preaching influencer, also known as Bunny, is no stranger to bashing beauty ideals.

Defying the idea that all women have to be petite and thin is often on the to-do list for the content creator as she previously flashed her gorgeous tum and branded herself a “hot chubby” girl.

Loving her own skin, Emily has shared yet another empowering clip to her adoring 1.3million TikTok followers.

In the clip that has racked up 139,000 views, the dark haired hun sat on the floor as she exposed her natural thighs in a pair of teeny shorts.

As her lovely skin texture was on full show, Emily wrote: “These little dimples are called cellulite.

“They’re fat deposits underneath the skin!

“Cellulite wasn’t even considered an issue until the diet industry realised they could profit from selling ‘cellulite removing’ creams etc.”

The influencer continued: “Sometimes, some people may have more than others (like me) due to genetics!

“About 80-90% of women have it and it’s nothing to be ashamed about,” Emily wrote as she smiled on screen providing reassurance to her fans.

She said in the caption: “Normal Human Things.”

Inspired by Emily’s cellulite loving display, many people fled to the comments to thank the influencer for sharing.

One person commented: “Thank you, I’m quite literally covered in cellulite and have been even while underweight.”

Another user added: “Thanks for being so beautifully open to the 'normal' body.”

Whilst a third voiced: “This made me feel so much better thank you.”

Someone else praised: “This makes me feel so much more comfortable and proud about My own Body. THANK YOU!”

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: “I just love your content. You are so beautiful and you are helping me and many others love their bodies.”

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