Inside Goggleboxs Giles and Marys home dubbed Grottage theyve lived in for 30 years

Mary Killen and Giles Wood, beloved stars ofGogglebox , never fail to amuse us with their weekly appearances from their eccentric abode, affectionately dubbed 'The Grottage'.

The couple joined the cast of the popular channel 4 show for its fifth series in 2015 after being approached by a friend on the production team. Their Wiltshire home, where they have resided for three decades since meeting at age 21, has often caught viewers attention and is just as unconventional as you would expect from the quirky couple.

During an interview with The Telegraph, the couple candidly shared that their home lacks central heating, with peeling paint on the ceilings, and they even had to resort to DIY double glazing using bubble wrap. They even admitted that certain areas of their home are "worse than Benefits Street" due to mould issues. So, here’s a look inside their home, including the parts you don't get to see on screen.

The living room is perhaps the most iconic space in their home and the backdrop of their time on screen, featuring a blend of matching wallpaper, curtains, and sofas, all adorned with a delightful green and white floral pattern. A bookshelf is situated in the background, while a sizeable painting hangs on the wall above Mary's armchair. A petite side table, painted with a cat's face, rests between the couple's chairs, supporting a white phone.

Elsewhere, the couple can be spotted relaxing on a wooden bench in their garden, which is surrounded by wild grass. In the background, the thatched cottage's red brick exterior with white wooden windows and a red door is visible.

Despite their popularity, the Wiltshire couple – who admitted last year to "fighting like old cats" after being together for three decades – have also had to dispel bizarre rumors circulating about them. One of the most far-fetched theories that has surfaced on the internet alleges that the Gogglebox stars, Giles and Mary, are actuallyaxe murderers.

Mary recently revealed to The Guardian that there were some very negative comments on Twitter. The introductory film of their home showed an axe going into a tree stump, which prompted one peculiar person to become obsessed with the idea that they were axe murderers. Mary then explained that they became aware of the rumor through Giles' sister, who the couple trusts to monitor their social media.

“She said for every ten negative comments, there’d be one positive. And she’d send us the positive ones. We didn’t look ourselves," the TV personality admitted.

Giles was originally set to appear on the show with his youngest daughter but she turned him down last minute. Mary was eventually convinced to step up to the plate after a 40-minute long conversation with show bosses.


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