Inside Jesy Nelsons family life with three siblings and stunning mum

Jesy Nelson has hit headlines recently after the talented musician dropped her new single, as a solo artist.

Jesy dropped the song Boyz in collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj on 8 October, sampling P. Diddy's own Bad Boys For Life song from the year 2001.

Jesy, who was recently unfollowed by her former Little Mix bandmates on Instagram, has unwavering support from her mum, Janice.

Here's everything you need to know about the stunning star's family life…

Who are Jesy Nelson's parents?

Jesy Nelson shares a close bond with mum Janice White, who fans may well recognise from her role on the star's BBC documentary Odd One Out.

Jesy's dad is named John Nelson, and the star also has three siblings – two brothers, Joseph and Jonathan, and a sister named Jade.

Jesy's parents split when she was five ear old, and Janice recalled it during the documentary.

She shared: "I remember we moved away and we rented a house and slept on mattresses.

"We couldn’t afford a fridge, so I put milk out in the garden. It was like that for a long time.”

Not a lot is known about Jesy's dad, who tends to stay out of the spotlight.

He is a businessman who hails from London, and in 2016 it was reported that Jesy and her dad are estranged.

Jesy was raised in Romford, East London, and she attended the Sylvia Young and Yvonne Rhodes Theatre Schools.

The star was classmates with Rita Ora, and the former Little Mix singer went on to find fame after winning The X factor.

Prior to the show, she worked as a barmaid in Dagenham.

Jesy also had small roles in films growing up, including playing an extra in About a Boy and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

Jesy mum was left "distraught" after her daughter took a drug overdose as her mental health struggle and suffering in Little Mix came to a head, so much so that she "begged" her daughter to quit the band.

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The former Little Mix band member opened up on her heartbreaking suicide attempt which took place in 2013, speaking to Fearne Cotton on her podcast Happy Place.

The 30 year old star was also shown speaking to the presenter during her BBC documentary Odd One Ou about mental health issues and how she struggled to cope after the relentless trolling over her weight and appearance.

Jesy told Fearne, 40, that her mum Janice White tried to convince her to leave the band after her hospitalisation, but she had to shoot a music video only a week later.

"Yeah. Well, I just remember obviously the first time, so obviously I'd taken an overdose," the singer shared. "I went into hospital and then I had a music video like a week after…

"And obviously my mum found out and she was distraught and she was outright: 'This is it, you're not doing this anymore'.

"Because my mum's the kind of mum that's like, 'Jes, we couldn't give a s**t what you do as long as you're happy… That's all I care about'.

"So she was like, 'No. This isn't happening anymore. I'm like putting my foot down and you're coming out of this.'"

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