It’s Official: The UK Has Been Named The Drunkest Nation In The World

A new study has revealed that people in the UK get drunk more often than any other country in the world.

There are certain parts of the world which are known for certain things. One of which is Irish people being renowned for the amount of alcohol they consume. An unwelcome stereotype? Perhaps. However, many Irish people likely believe it to be something to boast about. Well, that boasting may now have to stop.

That’s because a new study reported by Metro has discovered Ireland’s closest neighbors to actually be the world’s heaviest drinkers. That’s right, the UK has been crowned the drunkest nation on the planet. We’re not sure whether congratulations are in order or not. The survey was conducted by researchers in London, fittingly, and included 120,000 people from 36 different countries.

The survey discovered that Brits get drunk 51.1 times a year, on average. That’s right, almost once a week. That might sound extravagant to some, and downright irresponsible to others. What is perhaps the most surprising thing about these findings is more young people tend to be abstaining from alcohol entirely, which means those who continue to drink are clearly picking up the slack.

For those of you in other countries pointing and laughing at the UK, you might want to hold off for just a second. The US, Canada, and Australia were not too far behind Britain in the rankings. In fact, English speaking countries dominated the majority of the top spots. Good news for the UK is it didn’t top the charts of people seeking emergency treatment after heavy drinking, that crown goes to the Aussies.

The survey actually looked into other drug use and discovered some other telling details. Most notably that other, much harder drugs in the UK are considered as being better value for money. In fact, in a survey that includes everything from cannabis to cocaine, buying alcohol in a bar is currently considered as being the worst value for money drug in Britain. We think we’ll stick to beer for the time being, though.

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