James Van Der Beek Reveals His Tricks For Keeping Up The Energy On ‘DWTS’ With 5 Kids At Home

It’s a busy time for James Van Der Beek as he competes on ‘DWTS’ with FIVE kids and a pregnant wife at home. After the Oct. 21 episode, he opened up about how he balances it all.

James Van Der Beek is on a quest to win the Dancing With the Stars mirror ball trophy, but of course, his most important job is as a dad to his five kids and husband to his wife, Kimberly, who’s currently pregnant with the pair’s sixth child. However, as he continues in the difficult competition, he’s also making sure to take care of himself in order to keep the energy up on the dance floor. “THere’s some self care going on,” James told HollywoodLife and other reporters after the Oct. 21 episode of DWTS. ‘Some pilates, some massage. And spending as much time as I can with the kids.”

After six weeks of competition, James has become a serious contender to win the show with his partner, Emma Slater. This week, the duo danced the Samba, and they received a score of 27, putting James at the top of the leaderboard alongside Kate Flannery. Despite the impressive scores, though, James admitted that this was his “hardest week” in the competition. “This week is the hardest dance,” he explained. “I feel like I had a big energy hangover from [last week]’s Paso Doble, which was the most grueling, physically, that I had to do. And this one came together the latest of all of them. It’s really hard.”

James revealed that he had a few moments during this week’s rehearsals when he got “pissed off” because things weren’t coming together, but he made big strides at the last minute. “I came in for an early Sunday rehearsal and I said…that’s it. I’m just doing it. I’m tired of looking at this video and going, ‘That sucks.” And so we did it. We had the breakthrough very late in the morning.”

After Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s surprising elimination during the Oct. 21 episode, James is one of eight contestants left competing for the mirror ball. The journey continues during a Halloween-themed episode on Oct. 28 at 8:00 p.m on ABC.

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