Janet Jackson To Auction Rare Personal Treasures & Memorabilia

Fans of the Jackson clan are about to have a chance to own a piece of history as Janet Jackson, having been elusive for many years, will be opening up her treasure trove to the world.

Shortly after her disastrous appearance at the Super Bowl in 2004, she became reclusive and quickly dipped out of the spotlight to live a life away from the scrutiny of the press. Her infamous ‘wardrobe malfunction’ alongside singer Justin Timberlake sealed her fate, as her music was pulled from a variety of influential outlets and her life spiraled.

Since then, there has been very little exciting news from the legendary star… until now. The Guardian reports on this once-in-a-lifetime auction during which time Janet’s personal, iconic items will be available to the general public, giving a lucky few the opportunity to own a rare piece of music history.

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ATV Today reports that; “A three-day auction extravaganza takes place on Jackson’s birthday weekend Friday, May 14th, Saturday, May 15th and Sunday, May 16th, 2021 live in Beverly Hills and online at juliensauctions.com.”

There will be a variety of items available to bid on, all of which are highly valued to Janet Jackson’s global fanbase. There will be a unique opportunity to bid on Janet Jackson’s wedding dress from her very private wedding to Rene Elizondo Jr. 30 years ago.

There will also be furniture from her home, and some of her personal jewelry on the list of items that are up for grabs.

Fans that are obsessed with Janet’s tours and live shows will be especially interested in her costumes. Outfits warn during her music video shoots for the songs Nasty, and What Have You Done For Me Lately will be made available.

The Guardian also reports that; “Jackson’s futuristic ensembles from Scream, her duet with brother Michael, then the world’s most expensive music video at $7m, are all included.”

Considering the nostalgic value and the sheet celebrity element that comes along with these items, the costs listed for each unit is quite affordably priced. It will cost roughly $6,000 for her Rhythm Nation jacket, which is not just a staple to her wardrobe, but also serves as a nostalgic time piece that fans instantly recognize and appreciate as being part of the Jackson empire. Her specialized hoop earrings are poised to start the bidding at $2,000.

Janet truly has her fans in mind when it comes to this auction. She is said to be leaving hand-written, personalized notes attached to each item that is up for bidding, giving an explanation as to the memories that are attached to each unit. To her die-hard fans, the notes alone are worth just as much as the items on auction.

ATV Today indicates that this is not just a source of revenue for Jackson. There is a charitable component to this auction as well. A portion of the proceeds are set to go to”Compassion International, a global child-advocacy ministry that partners with churches around the world to release children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.

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