Jay-Z Investing In "The Most Advanced (Vegan) Chicken Nugget On The Planet”

The world is changing, and many consumers are moving away from meat-based products. Faux-meat has peaked the interest of many shoppers that are looking for a healthier, cruelty-free, more sustainable way of eating. There’s a huge spike in the interest of faux-meat products in the investment sector, as high-powered moguls recognize the powerful effects that vegan-style eating can have on today’s market.  All Hip Hop reports that Jay-Z, known to be one of the most powerful, influential artists, has also recognized the potential in this industry, and has just invested in what may possibly be the ‘most advanced vegan chicken nugget on the planet.’

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Jay-Z and Beyonce have stated that they try to eat healthier and the two have been very interested in learning how to live a vegan lifestyle. Of course, being Jay-Z, he took that curiosity one step further and dropped a whole lot of cash on a faux-chicken nugget company, making himself more personally involved in the process.

Known for his keen-eye when it comes to investments and business ventures, all eyes are on Jay-Z’s new venture, and consumers and investors alike want to know what it is about this faux-chicken nugget that has him so committed to overseeing the growth of the product.

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Jay-Z’s company, Marcy Venture Partners, has taken a huge step forward in securing an investment in Nuggs, who claims to have the best vegan chicken nugget on the market. The investment puts them ahead of the game, as the simulated meat industry starts to quickly pick up traction, and gain celebrity attention.

According to Bloomberg; “Marcy Venture Partners, the firm co-founded by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Jay Brown and Larry Marcus, was among investors in a recent funding round that valued faux-chicken maker Simulate at more than $250 million. Simulate spokesman Andrew Watts confirmed Marcy Venture’s participation, declining to provide the size of the firm’s investment.”

This is just the most recent investment that Jay-Z has made in the vegan food market. Demonstrating his genuine interest in the way consumers shop for and consume their food products, he has previously joined forces with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman by providing a sizable financial investment in Swedish oat-milk maker Oatly, well before the company went public. He also provided funding for Impossible Foods, alongside Katy Perry and Serena Williams.

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