Jean Paul Gaultier proposed to Madonna three times

Jean Paul Gaultier is a persistent man.

The fashion designer, 67, made an appearance on the British talk show “This Morning” on Wednesday to celebrate his 50 years of working in the industry, confessing that he loves Madonna so much he proposed to her multiple times.

When asked by one of the hosts if he was in love with the 60-year-old pop icon, Gaultier said, “I was kind of, I asked her to marry me three times … and she said no.”

But despite the Material Girl’s repeated refusals, the pair have remained close friends and continue to work together.

Gaultier designed many of the looks for her 2012 “MDNA,” tour and they even attended the 2018 “Heavenly Bodies” Met Gala as each other’s dates for the evening.

He also added that the famous cone bra he designed for the “Like a Prayer” singer originally wasn’t made for her at all.

“I actually didn’t create the bra initially for her,” Gaultier explained. “I have a teddy bear called Nanna and created it for her.”

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