Jessie J Just Shared Photos Of Two New Tattoos On Instagram, And They're So Dainty

  • Jessie J posted new Instagram photos to debut two new tattoos from Winter Stone.
  • The singer has the word “balance” on her shoulder and her angel number, 111, on her forearm.
  • An angel number is a sequence of numbers with divine guidance, and Jessie says 111 is “a symbol of spiritual awakening.”

Jessie J just debuted some chic new ink. The “Brave” singer shared a series of photos with her tattoo artist, Winter Stone, and two new dainty tattoos. She now has the word “balance” on her shoulder in flowing script and the number “111” on her forearm.

The beautiful tattoos come from the skilled hands of Winter, who is the artist behind several of Lady Gaga’s tattoos. They aren’t just pretty to look at, though. For Jessie, they carry deep meaning.

Jessie gave a little background on her new ink in the caption: “Thank you @winterstone for giving me these two soft, beautiful, personal and meaningful tattoos ⚖️🙏🏻 Balance | Was and still very much is my word and lesson this year. The power of saying no. Embracing slowing down as a positive. Feeding and nurturing my body and soul. A reminder that I now can see everyday to remain on a path of healthy growth.”

The numbers are significant, too. Jessie continued: “111 | Is an angel number, a symbol of spiritual awakening, providing you with the opportunity to determine what your purpose in life is. The manifestation of your thoughts becoming your reality. ❤️”

Angel numbers, like Jessie’s 111, are sequences of numbers that have a specific meaning in numerology and carry divine guidance. If you keep seeing a sequence of numbers everywhere, that’s a sign it’s an angel number for you. Those numbers can carry a message from the universe, per Jessie is spot on with her description. The 111 could be a manifestation invitation and “your opportunity to create the future you desire.”

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